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Remember reading about Moses?   As Moses lifted up the image of the snake in the wilderness for the Hebrews of old, so the "Son of Man" had to be be lifted up later for all of us.

Why not take a look at Him?   Why not consider his claims, while you are still alive. You could die any day, you know.  Jesus was lifted up on the cross for all to see. Preachers have preached Jesus and His cross for almost two thousand years.

If the Hebrews of Moses' time wanted to live, they had to see the bronze snake, a symbol of death, but it became life to them. It became life because God said that if they looked at the image of the snake held up on the pole they would not die from the plague that was killing all of them.  Normally snakes are associated with Satan, the tempter in the Garden of Eden. In this case, however, the image of the snake symbolized Jesus later victory over Satan, the snake, by his crucifixion. Jesus is lifted up now for all to see.  He is the symbol of dying to the world and living with God.  He is made to be never-ending life to those who see and believe in Him.  Can you see Him up there above the maddening crowd?

Whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will be given eternal life.  Because God, who created us loved the world so much that He gave His only directly born Son that whoever looked and believed in Him after His crucifixion and resurrection would not perish, but would have everlasting life.


Everywhere he looks
stupid, ignorant people
awaken hungry 
for one more thrill
and fools with guns 
for one more kill

He hates his life and sucks dry peanut butter off the knife pours cold milk down his throat and like a goat chews burnt toast squinting into to morning sunlight lifts his hand toward the heavenly host gathered around the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and does not know and does not see the hidden enemy standing in between.

Everywhere he sees
stupid, ignorant people
swarming around town
like killer bees 
hunting someone down

He sees the church
and  the steeple
opens the door and 
stares at all the prosperous
stupid, ignorant people who do not know his name and have no idea why he's there nor why he came until an old man's warm embrace opens his eyes in Jesus' name

Starving Men With No Taste for Bread

Who once were living, but now are dead to every other interest clandestinely surfing the Net for pictures of naked women; the "babes" of the Net that come from all over the world where they have been in front of cameras lying bare, exposed head to foot to a million hungry stares as the nation enters another night in anticipation of the hunt for nudes and masterbation; on and on and into the early hours of morning they roam the endless steets of cyberspace and a few are already wondering if it ever gets any better than this; then  they creep into bed, these denizens of the world wide web, sated for now, but tomorrow's slaves to every site where they can be found, looking for another shape, another pose, black, white, yellow, brown, and red, the universal nude; a million men; overworked and underfed.

No one seeks God
nobody raises their eyes
their throats are open graves
their hearts full of lies

Nobody gives a damn
no one sighs 
for the tragedy of a man
bleeding, naked and stark
nobody hears the cries
of the her baby fetus
when he dies alone in the dark


Oh, my God! 

It seems so odd!
So crazy to be
in this place

one of the human race
Oh, my God!  Its very odd!
to watch laughing fools
go round and round

Oh, my God!  How odd!
to be sitting here in this place in this time breathing and thinking inside this strange body of bones, muscles, and blood...

while everyone is cheering and the runner is carrying a pigskin toy across the goal;  while everybody is eating popcorn and drinking coke;  while everyone is marrying and giving in marriage, and making plans...

My God how odd to be here now that the end is come; to see people like sheep and goats rounded up and cut into herds... sheep to the right, goats to the left...

no one laughs;  no one smiles;  there are no plans;  not a wife or husband can be found... oh my God, how odd to finally see that you are finally God!





The mouse ran up the clock
the clock struck one
the mouse ran down
hickory dickory dock

While the king's soldiers
rocked and socked
the maddening crowd
stood around and mocked

When the cross was raised
and he hung by the nails
demons sung and Satan raved
and did not know that now
by faith we would be saved
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  Who is the wise one of this age Who is he who cries out have mercy on us Jesus  have mercy on us jesus ? Who is the  sage  that sees  from the east to the west the end of the age; who sees  lightening , judgment and rage ? Who has ears to hear and eyes to  see and faith to make him free?      

 Let the games begin
let the singers sing
and the flingers fling

let all the homosexuals do their anal thing
and enjoy their

because its all perfectly natural
so let the dogs to it 
and the cats also and the snakes
and the rats

Let all the silly games begin
let every rule
break and bend
let the world 
come crashing
to its end

as singers sing
and flingers fling
and fliers fly
and diers die

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the One who created everything that exists.