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Is America Going Down? = Drug abuse is out of control!  Stiff, Illogical Anti-Drug Laws have made drug dealing the most profitable illegal business in the world!  Next, I suppose to prostitution and pornography?! =
= Take a look at the violence.  It's everywhere! --in homes, on highways, in schools, between husbands and wives, between mothers and children, in the offices and factories, --everywhere! = Okay to wear trench coats in "our" public schools, but don't carry a Bible or pray-- you'll get expelled!  Yet  everyone is so shocked when some disturbed child shoots his classmates!  Who makes these stupid policies anyway?!!
America is hooked on pleasure and comfort --hooked on sex-talk and sex-jokes, risqué talk shows, vulgar and titillating sit-coms; on movies that are full of sex, violence, and foul language, often gory and graphic special effects.  What's the point!? = The media, with its greedy snouts deep into buckets of advertising money, wants to shock and titillate, rarely to inspire... special effects, flashes of nudity, glorification of homosexuality; gratuitous violence... blood, gore, sadism, and pornography dominate our screens and our tubes-- and clog the Internet. =
= Is America going down?  America already is down!  This is the beginning of the end!   Exclamation point! = Widespread corruption has always preceded the fall of nations.  Today in America, politically correct, secretly corrupt,  lying politicians huddle like pigs to suck from the public trough! 
The profit motive rules in America!  Integrity, kindness, generosity, and mutual respect are out the window!  Everyone respects confidence and pride.  The virtues of humility, modesty, and politeness have been rejected. = We have become fools for our rights to live and do what ever we feel like doing!  We have no fear of God!  No fear of Hell.  We believe in nothing but our own wants and needs!   We are turning to the psychics and astrologers for approval. =
= The children of America are fast becoming the new barbarians... brutal, hating authority, immoral, living for adventure!  Ready to attack. = Is America going down?  America is going to hell in the proverbial hand basket!  Americans worship everything but God... sleek cars, beautiful men and women, money, good times, science, and technology...
We can't stand the thought of cruelty to animals, but we kill our unborn babies by the millions in the name of a woman's so-called right to choose what she does with her own body!  = True, it would be hard to accept a rape baby, and the mother's rights to be unencumbered by such should be considered, but who is watching after the unborn baby's rights?  No one asks to be born. 

We'll fight to save the whales, but a fetus is just so much fetal tissue!

== Americans do not acknowledge God's role in their lives, either as the Creator or as Law Giver!  We have expelled Him from our government, from our courts, and from our schools.  We must have separation of  church and state at any cost.

God forbid that we should have the Ten Commandments displayed in a public building... thou shalt not steal... shalt not lie... shalt not covet thy neighbor's  wife...  Such seditious material!  Give me a break!

== It may not be nice to fool with "mother nature," but it is fatal to reject and disparage the Creator of the Universe!  My mind is always "boggled" by the stupidity of a man rejecting God!  Or a man who has seen the awesome nature and the heavens and missed the obvious connection saying, "There is no God!"   Of if God exists He must be evil, because look at all the injustice.  Yeah, let's us little men all judge God!  Give me a break!  I suppose you can create a galaxy?
Even members of the police are  sodomizing prisoners!?  No one sodomizes anyone unless they are a sexual deviate!   Even animals do not stoop to sodomy!  It is dirty, unhealthy,  dangerous, and downright disgusting.  May God have mercy on those who are addicted to it! = Normal men are excited by women, especially naked women... it is not surprising that rapes occur when certain men can not control their lust..  but then, why is it that so many kill their victims?!  Isn't the rape itself bad enough!?  Why make a vile crime that much worse by adding murder!?  =
= Do these people actually imagine there is no God who takes vengeance for all these violations and murders?   They are fools!  They will burn in Hell for their crimes!  As will all who have rejected God.  The punishment will more than fit the crime!  And what defense will you offer, you who have cruelly tortured and killed?  Your damnation waits for you like licking flames for dry wood.  = Almost 2000 years ago Jesus Christ came and told us about the Father.  He showed us how to live without doing anything wrong.  Jesus deliberately allowed Himself to be sacrificed by crucifixion.  He lived as no one else could, spoke as no one else could speak, and did what no one else could do.
He died for our crimes against the Father and against each other.  He was resurrected from the dead and went back up to Heaven, where He is today waiting for His enemies, those who have rejected Him and His Father to be put down. = All He asked was that we believe in Him as the Son of the Father and accept Him into our hearts as our Lord and Savior and we would be forgiven for our crimes.... but no, we had to go our own way... we turned to the scientists, to the intellectuals, to the pursuit of our pleasures, to our careers, and anything but to the Father...  Now we are paying and we will continue to pay until we are destroyed,  if we do not soon turn back to God and His Son,   Jesus. =