Fools Folly
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Fools Folly

A Fool Refuses to See and Stumbles into Greater Folly   

Does not your own reason and experience teach you that there is nothing that is without a purpose.   Then how much more purpose have you than to retire fat and without wisdom?  Or do you think you can blot out God by interposing your self before him?  Are you hopeful that if you lay enough money, comfort and distraction before your body that it shall save you from certain destruction?  I tell you the very worms of your garden will eat holes in those abs of steel.  
You sit back and watch your demise so passively ... do you tell yourself that somehow you will never be held accountable?  That it's a benign universe and you will somehow sleep softly in your upholstered casket until the universe collapses.  Do you really believe that is the way of things?  If so, then read no further ... pull up the your covers and sleep soundly dreaming the sweet dreams of a fool.     
   For you who know the gift of God, it's clear you been granted this momentary opportunity to grasp the light which shines in the darkness.  So why do you fret about your 401K plan, your social status or the size of your butt.  Or don't you know that the Kingdom of God is not concerned with such?  You may have played the right horse in life and laid up much for your self ... but if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ you've been an abysmal failure.  Indeed, the utter futility of your life is to be mourned in deep sadness.  
Surely you know you can't put these things before God.  Oh don't listen to the world for the world is a liar and snugly in bed with the Evil one.  Wake up and stop believing in fables before it's too late and ...     

A scoffer delights in scoffing as a fool hates knowledge?