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Milburn M Pyatt

There were two Milburn Pyatt's born a year apart to brothers who lived within miles of each other. I have done my best to separate the records of the two. However, some items will be difficult to attribute to one or the other and I may have attributed something to one that belongs to the other. But, here is my best attempt.

Milburn Monroe Pyatt was born October 15, 1816, (or November 26, 1817) in Montgomery County, Illinois, to Henry and Rachel Farrell Pyatt and died May 6, 1882. He is said to be buried in the Ramsey Cemetery in Illinois. His cousin, Milburn Pyatt, was the son of Samuel Pyatt and Mary Phelps and they are easy to confuse.

In Fayette County, Illinois, 'Milburn Pyatt' married 'Melinda Stokes' January 10, 1839 (vol A pg 13).

In Fayette County, Illinois, on the 1840 census the following entry seems to fit Milburn and Melinda:

Therefore, it would seem that the Milburn Piatt who married Melinda Stokes on January 10, 1839, in Fayette County, Illinois, is living there a year and half later with two young girls in his household. The one less than five years old would be their daughter, Mary Jane. But, the one five to ten years old most isn't. Is she a younger sister of Melinda Stokes Pyatt - perhaps Delitha Jane?

I do not have the 1850 census abstracts for this Milburn Pyatt.

Milburn and Melinda had the following known child:

According to one family researcher ( after Milburn's first wife, Melinda Stokes, died (maybe 1843) he married on May 21, 1846, in Fayette County, Illinois (vol A pg 28), to Delitha Jane Stokes born November 3, 1827, who was a younger sister to Melinda. Delitha is said to be buried in the Ramsey Cemetery near Milburn with no headstone.

Milburn and Delitha Jane had the following known children:

On the 1860 census of Decatur District, Wise County, Texas, Milburn and Delitha Jane appear as follows:

This family was enumerated #191/#193 pg 318. It would appear on the surface the the oldest daughter, Mary J, (and possibly the second daughter, Sarah E) was born before Milburn and Delitha Jane married. Mary Jane is said to have been born October 10, 1843. This may not be the case and further investigation and verification of dates would be necessary. However, I believe that Mary Jane was born to Milburn and his first wife, Melinda Stokes, and who apparently died between 1843 and 1846. Did Melinda perhaps die in childbirth with Sarah E and everyone encouraged a quick marriage for Milburn to have a mother for his two young daughters? Due to the spacing of the children, I would imagine that a child or two of Milburn and Delitha might have been lost between 1849 and 1858.

Ten years later on the 1870 census of Ramsey, Fayette County, Illinois, I find:

They were enumerated #7/7 Ramsey P O, Fayette County, Illinois, 27 July 1870 (ancestry image 1/47). Their neighbors were #1 Wm Fuller, #2 Polly Buchanan, #3 Isaac Beck, #4 Ailsec Ibbs, #5 Elias and Margaret Stokes, #6 James and Tabatha Stokes, #8 Bird and Margaret J Stokes, #9 John McCarlie, #10 Lawson G Cross, #11 Henry Huss, #12 Simeon Guinn, #13 Jane Knight.

Twenty years later on the 1880 census of Fillmore, Montgomery County, Illinois, I find the same couple and children:

These entries were from the abstract at; page 223B. Now he has confused me by adding the middle initial M. Perhaps since he wasn't living close to his cousin he felt free to use it and just hadn't before? Note that he has aged 13 years since 1870 while Delitha has aged 9 years.

Milburn died in 1882 and it is not known when Delitha died.


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