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Jacob and Hannah Cooke McCullough Piatt

Jacob Piatt was born to John Piatt and Frances Van Vliet May 16, 1747, in Six Mile Run, Somerset Co (or Middlesex Co), New Jersey. He died August 14, 1834, at 'Federal Hall' Petersburg, Boone County, Kentucky. His tombstone is said to read "A Soldier of the Revolution & of the Cross". He married on March 15, 1779, in Essex, New Jersey (or Greenwich, Sussex Co, NJ), Hannah Cooke McCullough who was born November 6, 1760, at Bloomsbury, Warren County, New Jersey (or Greenwich, Sussex Co, NJ), to Benjamin and Hannah Cooke McCullough. Hannah died June 7, 1818, in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio.

Jacob and Hannah had the following known children:

In 1800 in Booone County, KY, Jacob Piatt and Robert Piatt appear on a tax list or census list of some type as follows: I do not have the details of the enumeration. However, it seems to suggest that at least Jacob was in Boone County by the time of Abraham's birth, and, possibly by the time of Hannah and William's births. Therefore, I have changed Abraham's birthplace from 'Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH' to Boone County, Kentucky.

On the 1810 census of Boone County, Kentucky, Jacob appeared as follows:

After Hannah's death in 1818, Jacob married second, Martha Huddy Perry. Martha was the daughter of Captain Joshua Huddy and widow of William Perry. She was born April 22, 1766, and died February 28, 1842, and is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

On the 1820 census of Boone County, Kentucky, they were as follows:

Robert is Jacob's brother - who was this William?

By the 1830 census there were many more households in Boone County, Kentucky. Jacob's appeared as follows: