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LadyQuality's Page

I am in the middle of trying to redesign my web page so please forgive the current errors such as misspellings, bad links back to the main page and such. The page will look alot the same untill I've finished the new design then it will all go up at once. SO please bear with me and thank you for your patience! Jennifer aka Lady Quality


Okay I was reading my Nursing assistant text book and found these definations...and of course my odd brain started working and I read more into the definations than my text book here is the text book definations.. and what I would call the "common" usage of them. *grin* Enjoy!

Acute Illness: A sudden illness from which the patient is expected to recover. (also known as a Crush)

Cronic Illness: An illness, slow or gradual in onset, for which there is no known cure; The illness can be controlled, and complication can be prevented. (also known as love)

This handsome black cat is Uncle Bear. He was a 17lb nutered male cat. He was the pride and joy of the whole house (even my dogs loved him!)

This other handsome male is Spitfire. He grew to be 12lb in size and was a very onery, yet lovable cat. Together Spitfire and Uncle Bear ruled the house.
I will be devoting an entire page to U.Bear, Spitfire, and the rest of the gang later, but for now I will just add these fellows to my main page.

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