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The Penniless Prospector

The Penniless Prospector, run by Hadrian York, is located in the Foriegn Quarter of the city of Greyhawke. It is a curious Company, dedicated to the procurement of lost items of legend & rare antiquity. The shop was origninally an apothecary owned by Querlas the Elder, who sold it to Hadrian some years back. The old Wizard is a now a partner of the Company.

Much of the Company's inital investments were financed by Valgrar Blackhammer, an old Dwarf of the City with an eye for new ventures.

To help cut down on undesirables and troublemakers, a lumbering Half-Orc named CHOG! (hollered) is often seen about the place.

The Neighborhood

Here's a quick map of the immediate area around the Prospector.

1) The Fountain. The Fountain is a statue of two mermaids, one blowing a conch shell & the other apparently calling out to passers-by. Not bad craftsmanship, either. This is where everyone in the neighborhood draws their water. When the Town Crier is passing through, this is usually where is blows his horn and makes his presentation.

2) The Rathcullen Arms. Local pub, owned by old man Rathcullen - claims a distant ancestor of his was a Noble. Three-story building with the public room (where you drink) downstairs, and a few guest rooms on the 2nd floor. Rathcullen & his family live on the 3rd floor. Not many folks stay the night here; most just stop in for a drink. Attracts mostly locals, so it's a good place to hear neighborhood gossip.

3) Farouk's Livery. Two-story building, Farouk & (extended) family live upstairs. The first floor is a shop with just about anything you'd need for a horse or carriage (except for barding), including feed. Reasonable prices, decent quality.

4) The Stables. In addition to a large chicken coup, this is where Farouk keeps his horses. Most are riding horses, or for carriages, but he usually has a draft horse or two as well. For a small fee, Farouk will also stable your horses.

5) General Store. Four-story building, the store itself is on the first two floors. Basic goods, food & fresh vegetables, clothing, furniture, candles, you name it.

6) Mrs. Krandle's Boarding House. A stern skinflint, Mrs. Krandle charges 6 silvers for room & board - actually, a rather reasonable price. "Room" is a bare room with a cot & wash basin (you can draw the water yourself from the Fountain), "board" is enough to keep you alive ... but not by much. Most people who stay are either down on their luck, or are foriegners who have recently arrived in the City and are looking for more permanent lodgings.

7) Vacant Lot. Used to be the home & shop of a travelling man. Burned down about a year ago under mysterious circumstances. All the family were killed.

8) The Smithy. Though his primary business is shodding horses and making construction tools, the Blacksmith is more than able to sharpen weapons.

9) The Penniless Prospector

10) Tana the Fortune-Teller. Used to be a small pub years ago, but the place has seen better days. There are still a few tables and chairs out front where Tana serves coffee (a new delicacy from the lands of Zief & Tusmit), and some old-timers occassionally smoke their houka-pipes inside. Tana now makes most of her living by fortune-telling; it was something she always had a knack for (used to be a parlour trick back when the place was a pub), but they say it's a genuine talent now.

11) A Townhouse. Built alongside Tana's place, this townhouse appears to house at least 3 different families.

12) A Rich House. Easily the nicest house in the neighborhood, has a walled-in garden out back which is quite overgrown. A wealthy old man lives here alone; he is not friendly and rarely associates with anyone else in the neighborhood. The street kids are afraid of him.

13) A Park. More like an empty space between buildings, actually. Someone has set a few chairs out here, though, and old men in the neighborhood like to come and smoke their pipes here. The place is not maintained very well, though, and is often littered with trash.

14) The Lumberyard. Not many finished products here, just a whole lot of lumber. The Master Carpenter spends most of his time building or repairing houses; his apprentices run the shop while he's away.

15) A Warehouse. Goods of all kinds are stored here. The place sees a lot of business, with horses & carts often coming and going in the mornings.