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Paintings by Celeste
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The Crib, Spot, Pad, Shack, Duplex, Condo, Apartment, Loft, Nest, Den, Flat, Studio, Villa, Chalet, Adobe, Tent, Dome, Cob, Tudor, High Rise, Dump, Project, Trailer, Round or Boat House. Of all the places we leave, Home should be the first place we think of when we want to Relax, Recoup, Re-energize, Rest.   

Helpful tips on finding, improving & enjoying that place we call home
This Month: Vegetarian Dining for Meat Lovers: a response to
Baba Kamau's  Cook Book by Masai Wa-Omari by U. Newkirk II
The Mistress's Chambers: Gwen Gray designs the ultimate bedroom, bath and home office suite, for herself.


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