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Why can't we all get rich together?
By: Siddarta

Okay, maybe this sounds way too altruistic.
In the single minded, selfish, back biting, out to get mine world we live in today. Everybody's trying to keep it real for everyone else, while trying to live their fantasy of being rich & not changing as a human being, anything except what they do with their leisure time because now they have so much more of it. I imagine niggas all over world, parking their Oversized Luxury SUVs on the front lawns of their over priced suburban houses, calling people everywhere they go foreign, wondering why no one understands what they're saying & going back to their homes feeling like victims & people hate them because they're black or American or rich or something other than the truth, they're self centered idiots.

But when you think, if you think
about the wealthiest people in the world how many of them get wealthy alone, absolutely alone? Not a damned one! There are hundreds if not thousands of invisible people behind those millionaires & billionaires we so much admire & hate, who are equally as wealthy, if not wealthier with a far richer quality of life.
And this is what The Poonanai is all about.
Who's the star, who's the brain, who's the idealist, who make it happen, who makes it work, who's the inventor, who facilitates, who's the spoiler, who are the people behind the success of anyone & everything that is successful? If not us, I guarantee somebody will take credit & someone else will get blamed when shit falls apart.

I'm Ulysses Newkirk II
I'm the dreamer awakened to see the future & bring back the revelation of what can be if only we recognize, utilize & show appreciation for the countless numbers of people that provide us with everything we need to do what we want and need to do everyday. Now I hear one or two of you saying some shit like, "God provides for all my needs", or "I did this by myself". Yeah alright, but when was the last time you or God waited your table at a restaurant, was the cashier at the store, had all the answers in your study group in college? When was the last time you or God or Jesus worked the concessions stand at a concert or a game. Point blank, God gave us each other to accomplish God's plan.
Study your holy books!

Detroit, Michigan is filled with talented, skilled, wise & knowledgeable people. Too damned many untrained unprepared, trailer trash, ghetto bastards running out to the 'burbs the moment they get a dollar to where it's "nicer", "safer" "prettier", "warmer" (I'll accept warmer). Still fuckin' it up for us all thinking they can take their slum mentality with them & things will be different just because they have more money.
The dollar is not in control!
Sure things cost some things demand money, other don't
We can all become comfortably wealthy without continuing to fuck up the environment, our relationships & the way the world looks at us in general.
Want to know how?

Walk with me!

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