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General Anime:
~Love~ Soul~ Miscellaneous~ BIZARRE!

Specific Anime and Games:
~DragonballZ~ Inuyasha~ Kingdom Hearts~ Naruto~ Neon Genesis Evangelion~ Outlaw Star~ Rurouni Kenshin~ Sailor Moon~ S Cry Ed~ Shaman~ Tenchi~ Trigun~ Trinity Blood~ Wolfs Rain~ Yu Yu Hakusho~
Which Trinity Blood character are you\is your soul-mate?
Which Trinity Blood Character are you?
Which One of my Friends Are You?
Are you a lover or a fighter? Quiz for females
What is your hidden fear?
32 Anime Picture Quiz: (Picking a number and getting a picture at random?) Oh well, pretty photos.
Who are you? Female quiz again.
Pick a picture: Pretty!
Which Fantasy MSN avatar should you use?
Top 7 funniest Inuyasha Pictures
Where was your soul born?
Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?
How much do you know about Kingdom Hearts?
What is your anime persona?
What is your japanese name: Female only quiz
Random Anime pics: Gorgeous Pictures
Which S Cry Ed character are you?
How would you look like if you were an anime?
What Shaman are you?
Tarot cards
Where does your soul live?
What can people see in your eyes?
How well do you know Yu Yu Hakusho?
What kind of Anime/Manga are you?
What Koi Variety Are You?
Who's Your DBZ Guy?
What kind of Manga-girl are you? (Female quiz obviously.)
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Who are you? Females only again.
Sailor Moon 5 question personality quiz
Sailor Moon: What Inner Scout Are You?
The Ultim8 Sailor Moon Quiz: Which sailor senshi (soldier) are you?
What Unique font best matches you
How do you sleep?
What would be your most distinguishing Physical feature as an anime character? (Couldn't it have a shorter name?^^')
What kind of guy are you most attracted to?
What type of person would you be like if you aa Anime Cartoon?
Which FullMetal Alchemist Character Are You?
Who are you inside? Females only
What kinda guy would you go out with?
What part of life do you represent?
The ultimate Fairy Quiz
Otaku Test!
Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character Are You?
Who's YOUR Bishonen?
What kind of smile are you?
What Type of Killer Are You?
What Sign of Affection Are You?
If you were an anime character, what would you look like? (Females only)
What type of demon are you?
A cool Final Fantasy quiz: What type of FF fighter would you be?
A quiz for girls: How girly are you?
The Anime Plushie Personality Quiz
What anime gifs are you?
What is your true element?
How Insane Are You?
What was your job in a past life?
What female stereotype of Final Fantasy are you?
Which Kingdom Hearts Character are You Most Like?
Which Angel Lays Within You?
Which Yu Yu Hakusho character are you?
Which Wolf's Rain Character are you?
Which Female Wolf's Rain Character Are You?
Which Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You?
Which Wolf's Rain Character are you?
What Wolf Are You?
What anime gifs are you?
What anime brat are you?
What's your anime hair color?
Where do you belong?
Reverse Blade:Kenshin quiz:
What Yu Yu Hakusho Guy Do You Belong With?
What's your Cowboy Bebop Theme Song?
Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?
The Cowboy Bebop Fan Test of DOOM
Which Cowboy Bebop Episode Are You?
Which G Gundam Shuffle Character are you?
What Inuyasha Character Are You?
Which Inuyasha guy is best for you
The Ultimate Inuyasha I.Q. Quiz!
Which Inuyasha Couple Are You?
What Inuyasha Character Are You?
Inuyasha's Mini Quiz
Inuyasha Mini Quiz 2
Which One of Naraku's depatchments are you?
Sesshoumaru (aka Fluffy) Mini Quiz.
Love Section, What's your love type?
Which Yu-Gi-Oh Couple Are You?
What type of Tea are you?
Yu Yu Hakusho Marriage Quiz: Females only.
Love section, what's your love type?
Anime or Games
If you were an anime character what would you look like? Females only.
Which Happy Bunny Are You?
What Elemental Dragon Are You?
What kind of SOUL do you possess? Female quiz
What Color are your wings?
What stunning spirit of emotion are you?
Who's Perfect for you?
What is your true hidden power?
What Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Are You?
Which Outlaw Star Character Are You?
Which Tenchi Character Are You?
Which Tri Gun Guy is Best For You?
What Type of Anime Character Are You?
Which Anime pet are you?
Which Anime pet are you?
which one of my friends r u? (anime pics in result)

You are....ME!!! that means you are very stubborn and short-tempered, but you are usually kind to your friends. Your friends like it when you comfort them if something is wrong. You can be very hyper and random at times, you also can be easily distracked. You love cats and ANIME (hopfully), I like Naruto, Inuyasha, FMA and Spiral, and your element is water!
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Are you a lover or a fighter? What kind? (Cool anime pics!! girls only! unless you're gay.)

You're a full blooded fighter! You love fighting and you don't care who you fight as long as it's some one! And if some one angers you.....god be with them!You would have a bf but they all keep on getting killed. But don't worry life will get better.
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What is your hidden fear? (anime pix)
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYour hidden fear is being a part of something violent and/or what you call evil. You see the world how you want to see it so you don't see the truth. The truth is that it isn't what you want it to be: a perfect, peaceful world. The world can't be changed just because you don't want to see what's REALLY going on where you live. Earth is not a perfect place, and it's not what you want it to be. You need to open your eyes and really look at what's happening. It may be scary, but it'ss the truth. And the truth won't go away. Stop running. Because what happens when you run is you get tired, and what you're running from catches up with you and engulfs you in it. Just stop, and do it. You know you can. You can't run or hide from the truth. And you can't deny or stop it either. It gets worse when you do.
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32 anime pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
32 anime pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who Are You?!?!??! With pix! ^.^ Girls or Gay guys only

You May become surprised to find u have someone dying to love u and they will do nething to be with u.
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