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top 7 funniest inuyasha pictures

Your Inuyasha! You are a punk, you like to pick
fights and hate being in school, your grades
are slipping but you don't care, you are having
to much fun to actually do anything about it!

What Inuyasha Character are you?
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Miroku, you're ideal mate is the dirty minded
monk...Well he'd be good to take to dance
clubs,eh? He's a sweet, gentle
man...Well...Except for the excessive
groping...He's got that curse though...and what
would his life be without love? So take good
care of him!

Which Inuyasha guy is best for You
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OH MY GOD!!!YOU PASSED!!!You got most of them or
all of them right. You rock. Your a true
Inuyasha fan.^-^You probly know more like
me,but I didn't wont to make the quiz to
long.Please rate and message me if you

!!!!THE ULTAMITE INUYASHA IQ QUIZ!!!!!You think you no more then me?Final finished.
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You are Miroku/Sango! Heh heh heh. My skull would
ache in sympathy for one of you, if it wasn't
for the fact that you deserve it most of the
time. You have a frustrating relationship
between the two of you, and an endlessly
entertaining relationship for those around you
(and a little frustrating for them, too!). You
have trouble admitting your true feelings
without blushing insanely and one of you may
not even want to admit anything because of
certain circumstances. But be strong. Things
will get better. Now, if only the monk among you would actually

Which Inuyasha Couple Are You?
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Your Miroku! all that matters in life is who is
going to be your next boyfriend/girlfriend and
where to take him/her next. Not to worry
though, because you are bright and you do your
school work. And hey, you even have a fan club!

What Inuyasha Character are you?
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DRAW!!ooooo,You and kagome are equal,sorry.Your
just like her so it would be equal,But do you
think you can beat kikyo, take Inuyasha mini
quiz 2.Oh I win Inuasha because you two kill
each other.^-^rate

INUYASHA's MINI QUIZ!!!!! Now with a hot inuyasha back ground^-^
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WINNER~ YOU Beat Kikyo,You must be strongto be
kikyo and you must have beat kagome on
INUYASHA's mini quiz 1,SO please rate and thank
you for taking them out for me.Now INUYASHA all

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Musou Onigumo's heart, having separated itself from
Naraku's body, grows a body and becomes a
faceless youkai - faceless because Onigumo's
face has been horribly burned. The youkai goes
around killing people, and finally, having
robbed the face of a monk called Musou, calls
himself Musou too. Musou has the ability to
regenerate his body swiftly. Unlike the other
detachments, Musou isn't under Naraku's

Which one of Naraku's depatchments are you?
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~DRAW~ OOOO Draw, You and Sara are equal. You both love
sessie,fight the same, and still you both can't
kill each other. She proble tried to freeze you
with her orb, but you find some way to dodge
it. Them she turns into her demon form, and the
battle gose on and on, until sessie kills you
both and flys away. Sorry RATE PLEASE^-^

*Sesshomaru( aka Fluffy) MINI QUIZ* not about Rin, now has pics!! UPDATED
brought to you by Quizilla

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