Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Ch Hapi Mtn's Best Kept Secret

April 4th 2000 to April 17th 2013

Owned, loved and now so very sadly missed by Kathy Deyo

FOREVER 13 - Whisper left us to join McKenzie and the other Hapi Mtn dogs gone before her, shredding my heart and soul! We knew she couldn't stay here forever but it was a shock to lose her. She had a wonderful last day...got to go to the clinic for a pre-show bath which she loves! Bathed, blown dry outside in the sunshine, lying in her condo cage watching me fuss over the other dogs. It was time to go home and she got out of her cage, slowly melted to the floor, and within 15 minutes faded away in my arms. My vet says we should all be so lucky to go on a good day and without any pain or fuss. My mind knows this but my heart won't listen! My mind knows she was one in a million - to reach 13 years and never have a lame day, never have a sick day, never know anything but love and happiness and joy. A quiet soul who loved everyone and everything...she loved her daddy Alan, she loved her mom Shane, she loved her dad Mutzi, she loved her brothers and sisters, she loved her kids and grandkids and great grandkids, she loved pet therapy, she loved dog shows, she loved waking us up in the morning, she loved trotting around inspecting her world every day, she loved greeting people who visited with her big girl bark and wagging tail, she loved life to the end...and she loved me.

Take care my beautiful girl and know I'll see you when I get there! She is buried facing the house so she can watch over us...and buried in my heart...Ch Hapi Mtn's Best Kept Secret - 4/42000 to 4/17/2013.

Kathy M. Deyo & the Hapi Mtn Bernese in Orofino, Idaho since 1986

April 2012, Whisper took Select Bitch one day out of Veterans (over 6 bitch specials)

Happy 13th Birthday!

In Loving Memory of

Dave Cummings
& Kathy Deyo's

(Ch Hapi Mtn Up And Over)
May 18th 2002 to

February 27th 2013
B-G ID=19761

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