Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Thirdtym's A Charm

May 31st 2001 to May 24th 2012
B-G Dog ID = 18373

Owned, much loved and now so very sadly missed by Vilma Briggs

Vilma Briggs and Charm

It is with deep sadness that I had to let my 11 yr old rescue Bernerboy Charm go to the Rainbow Bridge. Charm was my first "failed foster" and he taught me so very much. The most important lesson was that those who are the most difficult to love are the ones who need it the very most - and who have the most special gift to give to us.

Never discount the potential of a special needs dog!

Today my little rescue Berner, Charm, celebrates his TENTH birthday. We have had nine fantastic years together so far.

Charm started out his life with a Lancaster county PA Amish puppy mill "breeder," was sold to a pet store, purchased there at 13 weeks old (for $2700!) w/ full AKC registration ..... unfortunately once he hit adolescence, he started exhibiting resource guarding issues (growling/snapping) and the owners were given very poor advice on managing this from an private & expensive "professional trainer" ......eventually the owners surrendered him to rescue, where he went to one foster home, then eventually came into my home to be fostered & retrained.

Obviously Charm has turned out to be one of those infamous Failed Fosters. I had fallen in love. :-)

Despite his behavior issues, Charm learned quickly and took nicely to competition obedience. Within a few years he had earned his UD title, including High In Trial at the 2003 BMDCA national specialty, several regional specialty HIT's, and an all breed HIT out of Open. He also finished his Rally Excellent title, both Novice Agility titles, and his Novice Draft Dog title.

Always a healthy & active boy, last year Charm developed bilateral retinal detachments & was diagnosed w/ lymphoma in October 2010. He immediately underwent 6 months of chemo which reversed his near blindness and put him into full remission. He has been doing great ever since, knock wood.

Here's to many more happy times together, my special little man!!

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