Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Sakonnet's Prince of Tides

September 1st 2000 to February 26th 2011

Owned and loved by Cindy McQueen

It was with the heaviest of hearts that I let my boy go to the Bridge yesterday. His health had been declining for quite some time and the prednisone and pain medicine could no longer help my boy. He had lost the desire/strength to even try to get up and walk. True to form his tail was thumping and he was eating "cookies" until the end.

My home and heart have a huge hole and in time I hope I can see through the pain and remember the fun times: camping with my boy - going to dog shows (which he loved - he saw them as places where everyone wanted to pet hima nd he got treats - HEAVEN) He was a true embassador to the breed gaining attention wherever we went - loving everyone and inviting all to love on him. He was awesome with my kids when they were born - his favorite job was cleaning the highchairs! He never had a mean word to say about anyone or anything in his life although he should have won an award for being a master counter surfer. He spent his young years being bossed around by my girl Greta (1/13/98-6/12/09) where he willingly let her be in charge. He had no desire to become the top dog even after her passing,, my young two dogs looked up to Odin much to his confusion. As his health declined my young Berner girl would seek him out and cuddle up to him and I hope that gave him comfort.

When we moved into our current house in 2006 it was pouring rain and muddy - Odin jumped out of the car directly in a mud puddle - flew through the front door of the house sliding his way across the brand new hardwood floors straight to the back slider leaving a trail of mud in his path all with a huge grin on his face.... I hope thats how he approached the bridge! I only wish he has regained use of his legs and his tail is still thumping..

Good night sweet prince - until we meet again

January 22nd 2011 - Our thoughts and prayers are with Cindy and Odin who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He has a mass that is occupying at least 50-75% of his left lung and that is not the only place there are masses.

Please send this beloved boy some very special prayers!

Nellie and Odin

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