My Bernese Mountain Dogs,
Simeon and Sunny.

<Simmy's Pedigree>
<Sunny's Pedigree>

Meet my two present Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sunny and Simmy, and see how quickly wee Simmy becomes Monster Pup!

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies - Guess which one is Simmy? Simmy with Rosie Proud Mum! Simmy

Collecting Wee Simeon.

Tired Simmy

Simeon, Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy with Sister Sunny.
Pip goes for a ride.

I'm dizzy!
Bernese Mountain Dogs in the Snow

Simmy's first snow.
Mt two Bernese Mountain Dogs go for a walk!

Come on, Jean
Wee Simeon is here! Pip goes for a ride! Sunny and Simmy in the snow. Walkies!

Hello ponies.

Hello goats!
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy meets the sheep.

Hello Socks!
Raw Bones!

Where's the dog food?

Hey Jean!
Goats and ponies! BMD puppy meets the Sheep! Raw Bones! Where's the dog food?

Back Seat Bernese.

back seat Berners!
The Greenhouse Effect! Bernese Art Work

Bluebell meadow!
Champion Berners!
Back Seat Berners. Hot Dogs in the Greenhouse! Springtime! My Bernese Mountain Dogs are Champions!

How time has flown, my beautiful little Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Simeon, is now a year old! He is enormous! For the latest extended pre-birthday and birthday celebrations, click on the links below for the enlarged pages!

Simmy at the fete. Fete2 Fete3 Happy Birthday Simmy!
Simmy's pre-birthday trip to the Fete!
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Happy Birthday Simmy!
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Floods! Simmy stuck in the cat flap?
Merry Christmas
Where's the Ark, Jean? Will he, won't he Happy Christmas Everybody!
Happy Berner.

Another Happy Berner
Lots of spuds!

Giant marrow!
Berners love Birthdays

Happy Birthday Us All!
Spoilt Berners.

Harvest Home. Happy Birthday Us All!

Leo Fire Dance

Leo Fire Dance.
Berners love hats?

Party Time and Hats!
Bernese Mountain Dogs love the Wee Ones!

Orange Mound?
James Breakdance

More James BreakDance

Bonfire Night Party, Nov. '01

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