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Syoma the Siberian Tabby Cat!

Syoma, Siberian tabby Cat!

From Peter and Daria Kulesh in Moscow.

"The best place for a cat to sit (from the point of view of our Siberian Tabby called Syoma) Possibly hunting for computer mouse? By the way, Syoma is diminutive form of name Semyon, i.e. Simon. Thus, our cat is namesake for your Bernese Mountain Dog, Simeon".

Forever twinned up on this WebSite and may our mutual Simeons, Mr Obedients, prove to be just that! Many thanks Peter and Daria. Love Jean, Sunny, Simmy and the GangXXXXXXXXX

Lapping from humans' vessels is strictly prohibited! But the Obedient cat will find his way.

Cat on a Hook Cat on the Phone
'Cat-and-coats' rack The master of master's desk (while he's away!)

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Yeah, lovely flowers. but maybe tasty too? Oh, lonesome me!

Room at the top?
Room at the top (of the world)!

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