In Loving Memory of

Sabrina Greco

Born sometime in 2001 - entered our home 11/22/07 - left us 2/2/11

Much loved and so sadly missed by Julie and Mario Greco and family

Sabrina watching the 2009 Chicago Marathon with me -
little did we know I'd run it next year!

Sabrina was our first mixed breed dog, the oldest dog we'd ever adopted and we got to enjoy her in our lives for about 3 years. She was a foster at work who quickly won my and my sister's hearts. Sabrina was saved from the pound by a local rescue (New Leash on Life) with her "brother" (Fernando) who my sister ended up adopting. The rescue was trying to adopt them out together but finding a home for 2 huge dogs together proved to be difficult - the next best solution was 2 sisters adopting one each so the dogs could still see each other. We fostered Sabrina in our home initially but within a few days my husband claimed her - they were best friends. With all the BARC dogs that come into our house and adopt me, he finally had his own. Sabrina was amazing, perfectly trained, incredibly smart, gorgeous and loved people.

Initially my mother was intimidated by Sabrina's looks, and Sabrina seemed to sense her hesitation. Every visit during this "courtship," Sabrina would rub on my mom's legs and then like a 95-pound cat would wind herself through them before she'd flop on the ground at my mom's feet and flip over on her back. She was determined to prove to my mom that she really was a sweet girl who meant no harm. In the end, Sabrina won my mom over and the two of them became buddies.

One of my favorite things was watching my husband walk ahead with Sabrina on our walks and how Sabrina's butt would swish a little more confidently as if she was something special since she was with her "daddy." Her soft ears would flap around to emphasize her happiness (my husband loved her ears.)

Sabrina, to say you're missed is an understatement. The corner of the bed where you'd nap is so empty and the house is just not the same without you. Our walks are sad and dad and I cried at Starbucks the morning of our first walk without you. He came out of Starbucks with tears in his eyes because he knew you wouldn't be sashaying up to him like you used to and he couldn't tell you how lazy you were. We miss your "crunchy noises." How you'd bite your collar and make those funny noises when we tried to leash you for a walk. How you'd treasure your new "babies" until you gutted the stuffing out of them a few days later. How you could count how many snacks you got after never let me forget the last one. How you'd stare at me when you knew it was time for your walk. How you'd refuse to poop in the yard so we'd have to walk you. How you'd make those little whimpering noises when you were excited to see us and the bark/howls that we'd hear from our bedroom when you knew we'd come home. How you thought you were a huge cat and rubbed on our legs. Most of all, we just miss you.

RIP Sweet Boonzy

Until we meet again someday......

Mom and Dad

With Dad With Mom
Dog Day at Cellular Field

Sabrina with her roommate in her previous life, Fernando

Sabrina and Howard, BFFs

Christmas 2009

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