In Loving Memory of


Takari’s Cold Weather Cookie CGC

November 24th 2002 to September 22nd 2008

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Lori Simidian and family

Mallomar was my "dream come true dog", my first Berner and my soul mate. She was the smartest girl ever, sassy and bossy, unbelievably sweet and completely devoted - my Velcro dog. We were connected heart, mind and spirit. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for me.

Her name was chosen years before she was even born. My daughter, Katie insisted that if I ever got a Berner it must be named "Mallomar". For those who don’t know, a mallomar is a cookie, made by Nabisco, consisting of a graham cracker type base on which is a dome of marshmallow and the whole thing is covered in dark chocolate. If you can picture the color combination when you bite into one, you can understand why it is such a perfect name for a Berner. Her registered name refers to the fact that mallomars are not available in the stores during the warm months (May - August) because the real chocolate coating would melt during shipping.

Mally was such a challenge as a puppy; I always said it was like initiation by fire. She got into so much mischief I could have filled several volumes. The problem was she was smarter than I. The pictures tell only a small part of the story - there were several pairs of costly eyeglasses, countless leather gloves, and don’t even get me started on the food she stole while counter surfing. She would steal food while I was preparing it, right in front of me. This was not a Berner who needed her brains delivered, she had hers plus someone else’s - we could have used a visit from the conscience fairy, though.

I will miss this beautiful, wonderful creature until my dying breath and am thankful to have had the blessing of her presence in my life, albeit far too briefly. She changed me forever.

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