Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Friends Gallery

Introducing Heidi, the BMD.

Heidi and Hannah are Jane's two girls!
They have 200 acres to roam free and enjoy!

Heidi, the Bernese Mountain Dog

Heidi's 1st Snow!

And a poem, by Hannah Clowes.

Ode to a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Ode to BMD cont.
Heidi is Sweet

Heidi Goes Mental

She is an Angel

Please cuddle me!

proud pup!

Here's Heidi at three and a half months!
You like my new collar?

BMD is a couch potato?

I'm now eight months old!
Did someone say "Couch Potato?"

Bernese Mountain Dogs love the snow!

Just give me that funny white stuff that falls down from the sky!
We Bernese Mountain Dogs Love Snow!

Heidi, MBD, 17 months!

I am now seventeen months old, a big gentle girl!

Hi Simmy, I'm Heidi!

December 4th 2001!

Love Heidi, Hannah, Jane and the Gang

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