Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Valentine's Day 2002!

Heidi comes to stay!

Jane and Hannah brought her to visit for a few days today.
<see Heidi's page>

Before going ahead and having fun mating your dog, please consider all the implications and the ups and downs first! Three very informative articles from Jude Simonds:

The Bernese Stud Dog - Fame, Fortune or Responsibility?
The Stud Dog - Slip Matings, Substitutes and a Steak Aphrodisiac!
So......You want your bitch to have puppies!

Hello Heidi!
"Hello, Heidi!" says Simmy, "You're as pretty as your pictures!"

Big Berner!
"And, wow! You're a big girl when you stand like that!"

Handsome Bernese Mountain Dog!
"You're smaller tham me when you're lying down!" says Heidi.

"You smell good too!"

Big softie BMD
"Oh, Heidi! I'm just a big softie, especially when you talk like that!"

Whose in Charge?
"OK, Simmie! Does that mean I'm in charge?"

Gooseberry Berner?
"Guess that means I'm playing gooseberry for the next few days!" says Sunny.

Good try at mating MBD's
Simmy in charge now that Sunny has approved!

We're keeping tabs and rank this try at 9/10!
Getting there, Simbo and Heidi, you have until Saturday afternoon!

Continued early hours of 15th Feb. 2002.

And where was Perry while everyone else was having fun?

Perry sleeps on!

Fast asleep on his cushion!
<click here for Perry's page>

tired Berners

Well, guess everyone else in worn out now!

Cats love BMD's

Let sleeping dogs lie!

Cat and sleeping Bernese Mountain Dogs!

Or maybe join them!

L-R, Sunny, Pipqueak, Heidi, Simmy.

And where was Perry?

Perry is awake

Circling the balcony!

Come on Perry, time for bed too, your eyes are closed, you are sleep walking!

Night, night!

27/02/02 Update:
Sadly this mating did not produce pups, we weren't hopeful as we didn't get proper tie!

Mating Berners is not that easy, refer again to Jude's Article 1 & Article 2 & Article3

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