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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Berner Pup, Bernoulli

With many thanks to Dana Pero for these wonderful pics of her new Berner Pup

Bernoulli on his first day home, June 11th 06

Mirror Images!
"Nope, that is not a mirror! That is Bernoulli and Simon the Corgi looking in the sliding glass door

So noble
"I am so noble, I cannot even believe myself!"

Berner Bernoulli
Berner Bernoulli, July 8th 06

Biggest hugs to Dana and wishing her so well with this new Berner Boy!

Her previous Bernese, Riot, was so sadly lost to Malignant Histiocytosis

"It took us a while to take the plunge again with another Berner,. but we are happy we did!"

In Loving Memory of Riot

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