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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends


A New Berner Boy for the Olsen Family

Bernese Mountain Dog, Major
Bernese Mountain Dog, Major

"6th March '05

Good Morning Jean,

You were kind enough to help us through our loss of Darla last year so we thought we'd give you an update.

Darla was a special dog and we really hurt at her loss at such a young age. This wonderful breed's history of such a devastating and quick disease made us doubt we would ever get another.

WELL, we realized the reward was far greater than the risk to avoid this wonderful breed. So in October we welcomed into our home a new Berner - and on the day the Boston Red Sox claimed the World Series we got "Major League Malone" - Major for short.

If you are not aware there was a long running TV show called "Cheers" about a bar in Boston and the owner of the bar was a Major League pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, his name was Sam Malone.

Major is almost 6 months now and weighs in at a whooping 78 pounds. We have never owned a male dog before and he is quite full of vigor. He mouths EVERYTHING and even with training he is a bull in a china shop.

Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!!

The Olsens"

Darla's Tribute Page on Histio Roll Call
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Bernese Puppy Major
Major at 8 wks

BMD puppy
No Pictures, please!!!!

Berner puppy, Major, and friend
Major and his Playmate

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