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In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


03/07/00 - 09/08/04

loved by Russell, Lisa, Amanda, Emily and Jillian Olsen

Bernese Mountain Dog, Darla, lost to Malignant Histiocytosis

Darla with the Girls

We had no idea of this tragic disease that afflicts so many of these beautiful dogs until just recently. Your page serves a lasting memory of these wonderful family members.

We actually ran across this breed by accident - while cutting down a Christmas tree, my husband turned for a moment to look for our girls. To his fear he saw our girls were being "mauled" by two strange HUGE dogs. He ran to them and when he got there he could see that they were being mauled with licks and the girls were loving it. From that moment we had to have one.

We researched a breeder and waited 8 months until the joyous day. Finally we had our Darla. She was obtained from Kandlewick Mountain in New Jersey - her AKC registered name is Kandlewicks Little Darla. She was nothing but a pleasure to have in our family.

Darla sadly lost to MH

This fun picture of Darla taken just 10 days before she died.

Now very sadly missed.

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