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Little Mack!

We got photos in this evening from Doug Redding, in Oregon, of a ' Chip off the Young Block '.......I can't bring myself to saying ' old block ', because Mack [ Little Mack ] is so young, although he is growing so much, and is not ' Little ' Mack, except in name !! THE CHIP is of course Mack Jr.-----son of Mack, and it seems like 'yesterday' that Father Mack was so young----Hey Herb, it was almost yesterday that Little Mack, now Mack, the father of Mack Jr. was this size and young !! Hey guys--I think I should start to 'drink' or something,

{short desBerner Pup Mack

Wee Berner Pup, Mack

Berner Pup Mack

Mack Junior is being coy!

{short description of image}

What a Babe!

{short description of image}

"Yes, I am a Poser!"

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