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Berner Picnic

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley, Maine
19th July 2003

With many thanks to Martha Hoverson:

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley had a picnic last Saturday here in Maine, and I wanted to send you some pictures. It was a great day: beautiful weather and nearly 40 happy Berners gathered with their families makes for a lovely picture! The youngest Berner boy was just 11 weeks old. The eldest was 13 years old, and one Berner lady was 11&1/2 and still going for a swim!!! We had a Recall Relay, and Berner Zathris came with his cart! The picnic was held at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine, and was the revival of what used to be an annual event. We look forward to many more!
Martha Hoverson, Molly and Sam

Berner Picnic
Peter, Don, Martha and Lucy with Molly and Sam
arrive for the Berner Picnic

Berner ReCall Relay
Recall Relay - Fun and Games!

Bernese Mountain Dog Carting
Sue with Zathris and his cart!

Bernese love attention!
Bernese Toby and JoAnne

Bernese Picnic!
Toby, Riley, Poppy and Belle
The Oldest and the Youngest!

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