Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Berner Pups Zoe and Tucker
with Sister Hannah

These beautiful photos of Hannah with Bernese Pups Zoe and Tucker
with many thanks to Chris and Herb Baker and the Burnell Family.

"Hi folks--these are the "Burnell Bunch"---
Hannah (the red-head),
Zoe (the newest addition)
& Tucker, Zoe's 1 yr. old brother
(literally, his mom is Bakers' Sweetie, too)."

Berner Pup, Zoe, takes the plunge
Zoe's first swim, with Hannah as her guide

Regal Bernese Mountain Dogs
Zoe & Tucker looking Regal

Berner Nose Play
Bernese Version of "who's got your nose?", Zoe & Tucker

Bernese Birthday
Tucker being spoiled on his first Birthday

BMD's Chill out!
Zoe & Tucker Chilling out

Tired Babies.
.......... of course they're tired!

Night attire!
Time for Bed! Nighty attire!

Wrestlin' those Berners

Tucher and Zoe
Tucker and Zoe

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<click here>

for earlier pics of Hannah, Zoe and Tucker
<click here>

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