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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Bernese Mountain Dog

Cooper Gandolfini

Pictures with many thanks to Chris and Herb Baker and the Gandolfini family.

Cooper, Marcy and Grandma, Chris
Marcy collects wee Cooper from Grandma, Chris

Cooper and Marcy
Marcy and wee Berner, Cooper

Bernese Puppies
The littermates say "Goodbye"

For earlier pics of Cooper when he was Prince Valiant and new born!
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This precious Berner Babe was wee Michael Gandolfini's Birthday gift, and a total surprise at that !!!

Michael and Cooper are now inseperable, and this young man had prayed every night for a Berner, for his 4th Birthday, and that's really great...

God answered his prayers, with a bit of help, of course !!

Wee Berner Pup Cooper with Michael
Michael and Berner Pup, Cooper

Michael and Bernese Puppy Cooper
Happy 4th Birthday to Me! And a very special present, Cooper!

Hungry Bernese Pup? Too tired!
Hungry Bernese Puppy? Had my dinner, now a snooze! So tired!

BMD pup Cooper on the set!
Cooper with James Gandolfini on the Sopranos set with Edie Falco

Tough Berner Pup, Cooper Gandolfini
Tough guy, Jim Gandolfini, being "man-handled" by puppy Cooper.
Funny--fame doesn't seem to impress young Cooper!

For more pics of Cooper's 1st Birthday
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