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spacer The 8th Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser 2011

April 15th through to July 11th 2011


Breeze helps to choose!

Here are two photos showing the magnitude of tickets that were in the envelopes for the cancer fundraiser. With over $55,000 raised there were more than 75,000 tickets in the envelopes. For Willem's custom painting and Matthew's lab visit, there were so many tickets that I had to continually empty the envelope into a big grocery bag to make room for more tickets. I had to dump them on the bed to mix them up before choosing the winning tickets!!


Hugs, Joye

From Joye - The tickets that you see in the two photographs are just the tickets for Willem's blank canvas (the photo with the mouse in the foreground) and for Matthew's Day in his Lab (the photo with Breeze in the photo) - when I had emptied the tickets from the envelopes after the drawing was over, they completely filled two big kitchen garbage bags and were heavy to carry out to the recycle can!

From Pat Long - They don't do a good job of showing how many tickets there were in the ENTIIRE Fundtaiser!

From Dr Breen - WOW, this is amazing.. I showed it to the kids and their jaws dropped ..Well done Joye!

This year we have had many more wonderful donations, with many thanks to all the wonderful people who have contributed here to help our Berners fight this disease with this very special fundraiser!

Page A - our Challenges, how to donate and Willem's items

Page B - Items #1-50

Page B2 - Items #51-94

Page C - and a Very Special Prize from Dr. Breen


Berner-L Home Page Collection 2010
Compiled by Pat Long and Jaime Meyers

Benefiting Berner Cancer Research

2011 K9 Cancer Walk, Elk Grove, Calif.
May 7th 2011

In support of Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign .
Team Berner

And here is a very special picture,

Willem at work on Amika's painting
for our Angel Pin Lady, Karen Connors,
We love you!!!!!

For the Histio Roll Call of just some of our Berners lost to this cancer
and why your donations are so very important!

For further information on all aspects of canine cancer care

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