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April 15th through to July 11th 2011


The 2011 Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser has been a record setting fundraiser this year. Prior to this year, the highest amount we had raised with our fundraisers was the 2005 Willem Wijnberg Fundraiser, where we raised $31,185.63. This year we were trying to raise $35,000 to support Dr. Matthew Breen’s Histio Research Study. We smashed right past our goal and didn’t stop there! As of today, we have raised a total of $45,524.71. When you add the additional $10,000 from the George Pappas/Fara Bushnell and the Anonymous Donors, that brings the total to $55,524.71!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE FOR A TOTALLY AWESOME FUNDRAISING EFFORT.

We will be able to fully fund the Berner research study on histio for Dr. Breen, and we will have an additional $20,000 plus to continue that research once it is done. We usually average around 159 donors for our fundraisers but for this fundraiser we had 468 donors. We had 100% participation from the regional clubs in the USA and donations from the BMDCA and the BMD Club of Canada. Two regional clubs in Canada and the BMD Club of Great Britain also made donations. We had donations from 43 of the 50 states in the USA, from 5 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada, and from 4 other countries.

Here is the list of donations by states, provinces/territories and countries:

AK - 7, AL - 2, AZ - 11, CA - 50, CO - 28, CT - 7, DC - 1, FL - 4, GA - 12, IA - 2, ID - 4, IL - 15, IN - 10, KS - 4, KY - 5, LA - 1, MA - 26, MD - 15, ME - 5, MI - 10, MN - 5, MO - 6, MT - 2, NC - 15, NE - 2, NH - 6, NJ - 5, NM - 2, NV - 6, NY - 25, OH - 22, OR - 13, PA - 24, RI - 3, SC - 3, TN - 8, TX - 10, UT - 2, VA - 16, VT - 5, WA - 16, WI - 5, WY - 1, USA - 1, Alberta - 6, Australia - 9, Ontario - 16, British Columbia - 6, Yukon - 1, Italy - 1, Mexico - 1, Netherlands - 1, UK - 5.

Way out ahead in first place is California with 50 donations! Second place is Colorado with 28 donations, third place is Massachusetts with 26 donations, and fourth place is New York with 25 donations!!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR FANTABULOUS SUPPORT - What power we have when we put our minds to accomplishing something!!

THANK YOU WILLEM WIJNBERG for once again painting all of the items for our A prizes! Your dedication and talent is something very special, as are you!

THANK YOU TO DR. MATTHEW BREEN for not only doing histio and other cancer research, but also for donating a "Day in the Breen Lab" as a prize for our fundraiser. There were a huge amount of tickets in the envelope for his prize! (I will also post a thank you letter from Dr. Breen that I received today.)

THANK YOU JEAN CHEESMAN for once again making the wonderful website so people can view the prizes and see how to make donations. I know that I kept you very busy with all of our challenges this year, but we certainly got great results!!

THANK YOU GEORGE PAPPAS, FARA BUSHNELL, AND ANONYMOUS for making challengs that brought in a tremendous amount of donations - You gave us something to strive for and Berner Lovers came through like the champions they are.

THANK YOU to the Berner Lovers who donated prizes so we could have a "B" tier of prizes this year and who made donations to fight histio in Berners.

THANK YOU to the people who donated their tickets to use as a challenge to encourage more donations from others.

THANK YOU TO TOOK VISUDTIBHAN for donating the pottery to Willem for the prizes. --

Joye Neff and Maine's Xephyr Alpinebear, CGC - "Breeze" - BG #72657
and "Will" (German Shorthair Pointer)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

Breeze helps Joye pick the Winner for a "Day in the Breen Lab"


Note I received today, July 19th, from Dr. Matthew Breen about our fundraiser and his research.


Dear Joye,

In a previous study (funded by CHF-760) we demonstrated that canine histiocytic malignancies (HMs) in Berners present with a high degree of DNA copy number alteration. We identified several aberrant regions of the genome that are highly recurrent between cases, suggesting that such regions are associated causally with the malignant process. Understanding the biology of genes within such regions is key to developing ways to halt the cancer and prolong life in patients whom otherwise have a poor prognosis. We now have an approach to identify DNA copy number changes that allows us to zoom in on regions of the genome with ~75-fold greater resolution than was possible even just one year ago. Using this technology we will refine the genome regions of interest defined in CHF-760 and identify additional, smaller aberrations. Within these regions we aim to identify a series of candidate genes for functional analysis. We have developed an assay for use with archival canine tumor samples that allows us to rapidly determine the level of activity of multiple genes with higher sensitivity than was possible previously. Once we have identified the key genes of interest, we will use this assay to screen HM cases for the extent of gene deregulation. In this study we will also identify DNA copy number changes that are shared with human HMs. Combining these approaches, we will narrow down the search for genes playing a key role in HMs and thus move a step closer to developing targeted therapies for canine patients diagnosed with this devastating cancer. This new study forms the basis of a pending grant submitted to AKC-CHF, who will make a funding decision in September 2011.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2011 Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser. I am thrilled that the proceeds will be made available to support our ongoing work with Berners. In recognizing that the Berner community is fully behind this work, I hope that the AKC Canine Health Foundation will provide the additional funding needed to perform this project to the extent we have proposed. However, with the funds generously donated to this cause, I can confirm that we will be able to complete the Berner component of this larger project. From a personal perspective, it is fantastic to see so much money raised for the research, especially in these financially challenging times. By soaring past the original goal, you have collectively sent out a very strong message of hope and confidence in what we are doing. I would like to assure you (and the Berners) that we will do all we can to live up to your expectations. Once the initial aims have been completed, the additional funds would allows us to immediately begin the next step of this work, which would involve identifying druggable targets that may be considered for development of new therapies for MH.

Matthew Breen ~

This year we have many more wonderful donations, with many thanks to all the wonderful people who have contributed here to help our Berners fight this disease with this very special fundraiser!

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2011 K9 Cancer Walk, Elk Grove, Calif.
May 7th 2011

In support of Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign .
Team Berner

And here is a very special picture,

Willem at work on Amika's painting
for our Angel Pin Lady, Karen Connors,
We love you!!!!!

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