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April 15th through to July 11th 2011

A Very, Very Special Fundraiser!

With thanks to Willem and everyone who has contributed more items for this very special fundraiser

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I have a very exciting new item donated by Dr. Matthew Breen for our 2011 Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser to support the histio research project that Dr. Breen will be doing in the early fall of 2011!!

This will be an awesome opportunity for the very lucky winner!!

Spend a day working with the Breen Lab at NCSU

Dr. Breen's Biography

See also this recent article

Dr. Breen has donated a fantastic prize to our 2011 Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser. He has offered a prize for the winner to spend a day working in his lab during the summer of 2011.

The lucky winner will be given the opportunity to spend a day working in Dr. Breen's lab at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The day will involve isolating DNA from a blood sample of your own dog and then running a series of quality control tests to evaluate how well you did. All laboratory work will be guided and supervised by the team. During your visit you will be given a guided tour of the lab and have the opportunity to discuss ongoing research projects with Dr. Breen and his staff. You also will be given a guided tour of the new $78,000,000 state of the art veterinary teaching hospital at NCSU, which opens in May 2011.

You will be responsible for all costs getting to Dr. Breen's lab in Raleigh and any overnight accommodations. If you are flying into Raleigh from out of state, however, you will be collected and returned to RDU International Airport. Lunch with Dr. Breen and his team will be provided on the day of the lab experience. You will be required to provide a 2ml EDTA (lilac top) blood tube to the BreenLab with your Berner's blood sample.

A detailed itinerary will be developed in consultation with the lucky winner.

***May 6th - I have talked to a local Berner Lover who lives close by and she is willing to provide the very lucky winner of this great prize with a place to stay when they come to visit his lab. That means that the winner will only need to provide transportation to the Raleigh, NC area and will have a place to stay close to Dr. Breen's lab. This is a "once in a lifetime" prize and I'm hoping that it will help us raise the $35,000 that I have pledged to raise to support Dr. Matthew Breen's histio research study.

WINNER: Wendy Djang

For Wendy's report of her visit
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