Missing Bernese Mountain Dog!

Name: Annie

  • Female
  • 7 years old
  • Microchipped and spayed
  • Has infected ears and needs medication
  • Last seen in home town of Goshen, Alabama (near Troy; in southeast AL)
  • A reward for her safe return has been offered
  • Missing since June 24th

If you have any information, please contact:

Paige or John Parramore


Let me tell you a little about Annie. She's seven years old and I've had her for five years. I adopted her from a shelter in Florida in very bad condition. The people there told me that she appeared to have been confined to a crate and was two years old. Annie was only 55 pounds after having been nursed back to better condition by one of their loving staffers. She had an abscessed hip, shredded paws, and an umbilical hernia that they repaired. They also spayed her. When I took her home it was two years before she barked! She was very timid and afraid of everything, especially thunderstorms and door bells. Annie was never interested in playing with toys, but she was nuts for dog biscuits.

We now live in Goshen, Alabama, a small town in the south east part of the state near Troy. We believe Annie was taken from the yard. She had access to the yard through a doggie door and the yard was fenced with a gate that was closed and secured three ways.

We, as well as our two-year old black Lab, Mollie, miss Annie very much. Next to food, Annie loved to play with Mollie. At the time Annie disappeared, we were treating her for a very bad ear infection. She will need immediate medical attention for her ears! She was primarily an indoor dog with access to a shady yard, but with the terrible heat we experience, I was in the process of giving her a "summer hair cut". I know some people don't agree with these cuts, but I compare it to giving a lamb a shearing after a long, cold winter. Her coat was so thick! Anyway, her fur is lopsided in places and uneven. I'm not a professional groomer, but I tried.

I love my Annie girl and want her back.

If you can be of help, either call me or email me. A reward has been offered.

Thank you again for your kind interest!

Paige or John Parramore

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