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N'cha! Welcome to "Jan-ken PUNCH!," a Dragonball/Dr. Slump crossover fanfiction work. This tale cronicles the adventures of Son Goku and Norimaki Arale as they travel the world in an attempt to thwart Red Ribbon's evil plans. Along the way, they meet old friends, gain powerful new techniques, and develop an unbreakable bond of friendship.

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"Jan-ken PUNCH!" Table of Contents


Tale 1

Tale 2, Part 1

Tale 2, Part 2

Tale 3, Part 1

Tale 3, Part 2

Tale 4, Part 1

Tale 4, Part 2

Tale 5, Part 1

Tale 5, Part 2

Tale 5, Part 3

From Penguin Village with Love

Another Dragon Ball/Dr. Slump crossover, this story is not only a Goku/Arale, but also features interactions between another human/robot pair. It starts when Goku takes a wrong turn back into Penguin Village, while trying to arrive on time to a date with Chi-Chi. Upon meeting Arale again, he finds they have a lot in common, and the relationship blossoms from there.

Expect more Dr. Slump characters in this one, and also an increased focus on dialogue and humor.

Tale 1

Tale 2

Tale 3

Tale 4

Special Education

Sequel to "From Penguin Village with Love", the story continues where we left off as Goku gets Kame-Sen'nin to train Arale in the martial arts. Meanwhile, Chi-Chi travels the desert with Obotchaman in an attempt to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart, and runs into none other than Yamcha, who is having his own troubles. Kuririn and Bulma show up in all their original Dragon Ball glory, with plenty to say about Goku's new relationship with Arale. But will she be able to buckle down and complete the turtle school training?

The focus is back on Dragon Ball for this fanfic, with many old school elements thrust back into the limelight. Some topical humor is present as well.

Tale 1

Tale 2

Tale 3

In a Bit of a Slump

My newest Dragon Ball/Dr. Slump crossover, this one is a complete one-shot. When Arale takes a trip to the neighboring town of Walrus Village, her innocent naivity is challenged for the very first time. Harassed by a group of cruel men, she holes up in her room at the Norimaki residence and refuses to leave for anything. Can a surprise visit from Goku bring the fun-loving girl back to herself?

The drama element is very prominent in this story, and the romantic aspects of Goku and Arale's relationship are heavier as well.

In a Bit of a Slump








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