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Dragon Ball Z is all New Epsiodes at 6p.m. on Toonami.
Saturdays at 1-3p.m. DBZ has a 2 hour block of new episodes.

SiteNews & Daily Updates
by DigiEvolution | Wendsday, October 24, 2001
It's been awhile, I know. And I'm sorry! I added some DBZ Galleries and rest will be up soon. Also the Anime Babes section is fixed and new Anime Babes galleries will be up soon also. Over 120 all together.

I watch Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, today. I thought it was awsome. The animation/graphics where GREAT! The movie is just awsome. So I decided to open a section only for Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. I own the DVD and if I can, I'll be adding some screen shots of it. For some of you that thought it didn't go with the games, well heres why.

FINAL FANTASY MEANS BEYOND REALITY. SO FANAL FANTASY IS ALL BEYOND REALITY. Just give it some thought, you'll understand and if you don't, AIM or e-mail me.

Got to go, Star Trek Enterprise is almost on. I'm love Si-Fi.

--DigiEvolution      Aim:DigiEvolution

Well We Are Open
by DigiEvolution | Tuesday, October 16, 2001
We are final open. Not everything is working, but I'll have all that fix very very soon. Also I'll be adding a Webmaster section to the site along with the fixing of the site. I need some help with the site, if you are interested please e-mail me or AIM me.

--DigiEvolution      Aim:DigiEvolution

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