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Why did I became an animal communicator ?

I have always had a love for animals and I desire to help them.  Through animal communications I am able to help animals and their people understand one another better. Because of the passing of my chihuahua, Sonny, I was motivated to learn more about animal communication and how I can always be in touch with Sonny even though he has passed over.  It has brought me comfort in knowing that he is happy, safe and busy on the other side.  Animal communications has helped me in helping people understand an animal's point of view.  It sometimes helps an animal with behavioral problems or health concerns. Possibly find a lost pet.  Bring comfort to a dying pet and their people.  Talk with a pet that has passed over and learn about what they are doing now.  Or, just to have fun and find out what your pet thinks of you.

 Sonny                       Honey      

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