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Here's what some of my clients
have to say ...

" Michelle is very good at what she does. She told me things that she could not have known. She also told me that my one dog had a problem with her front left paw and when I looked her pad was cracked!''
Renae, from PA


"My cat Patches had been missing over three months and I was still grief stricken. I had prayed daily to find him or to know what happened. I have been so grateful that I found Michelle's web site and requested a consultation.

Michelle's consultation gave me peace of mind but she also gave me valuable assistance after the reading. The experience was very spiritual. I now have a conclusion of my search because of Michelle's assistance and her absolute love for animals."
Gerry, from California

"Before I contacted Michelle, I felt in the dark where my two cats were concerned. There were personality conflicts between them and although I was aware of why they were experiencing some problems with each other, I didn't really have any ideas for a solution. Michelle, worked with both of my cats in the same session. After the session was over, I felt closer to my cats and they really seemed to have an extra spring in their step as I sincerely believe they felt gratified that someone cared enough to really try to communicate with them. From feedings in separate rooms to providing little cat houses for each of them for territorial reasons, my cats and I have really benefited from our consultation. I'm really glad I called and plan to do it on a regular basis as I think my cats enjoyed it more than I did!"
Anna-Marie, from New Jersey

“Thank you sooooo much for your information and your encouragement. You kept me positive about finding him. I truly am glad there are people out there like you that help us people that just love their animals. He is home and safe and now I can sleep.”
Patti, from Columbus TX

“ I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading that you gave me yesterday at the holistic fair in Allentown. You were able to bring in my passed over Dalmatian, Moe, my grandfather, my father and my niece. I gave my mother the “warning” that my grandfather gave about my grandmother. You are very good at what you do, I will recommend you to everyone that I know.”
Diane, from Quakertown PA

"Then, yesterday, he stopped in the early afternoon when he went to school and decided to look around a bit to see if he could catch anyone sleeping nearby and sure enough Mischief and Peek-a-boo were sleeping in the hay just outside the pen! You have no idea how happy and excited I was to learn that all of them have safely made it back and decided to hang around! Thank you so much for all of your help! I feel certain that the only reason they are still around is because I contacted you right away when they got out. If you hadn't talked with them, I don't think they'd be around anymore. I'll keep you posted! Thanks a bunch! "
Shelley, from WI

" Everyone but Oz was using the cat door to go into the cage, especially in the beginning when I used masking tape to keep the cat door wide open. We found out through Michelle that Oz was VERY afraid she would GET STUCK in it, because the "opening was so small." It did not occur to me that she would think this, because I KNEW she would not get stuck. However, being chubby as she is, she is the only cat that can actually feel the sides and the bottom of the opening on her body, so it makes perfect sense to her to be afraid. At that time, I would take her into the cage through the big "people door" that I made for myself, and she would stay out for awhile, then get a little scared and run back in the door, propped open. So, I reminded her that she HAD already gone through the door, just IN the house , instead OUT into the cage, and she did not get stuck. That reassured her that it was ok, and now she DOES go out on her own, the door down, like everyone else."
Alex, from Sinking Spring PA


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