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Character Biographies



Character Bio's


The lead character in the series. A survivor in the truest sense of the word, he has managed to continue living despite horrific misfortunes that have followed him since the day he was born, literally. A solitary mercenary for most of his early adult life, he later joined the Hawks and became its raider commander and is instrumental in bringing Griffith and the Hawks fame and glory. (VA: Hayashi Nobutoshi)


The young charismatic leader of the Hawks, a mercenary band. Despite his youthful and attractive appearance, he has proven to be a very ruthless and cunning man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal: to get his own kingdom. Although highly skilled with the sword and battle strategies, his greatest asset is his uncanny ability to size up his opponents and anticipate their next move. (VA: Morikawa Yoshiyuki)


The only female Hawk mercenary. After being rescued from a lecherous nobleman, Caska joined Griffith and the Hawks where soon, her fighting skills helped her move up the ranks to become a commander second only to Griffith. She is highly regarded by her fellow mercenaries, as well as those from the Chudan Empire. (VA: Miyamura Yuko)

A member of Griffith's inner circle, he is also the commander of the reconnaissance troops which gathers intelligence reports on the enemy. An eloquent man even for a mercenary, his smooth and laidback attitude allows him to break the tensions that sometimes arise between other men. Unlike other soldiers, he prefers using daggers and scimitars to swords in battle. He is especially deadly with throwing knives. (VA: Ishida Akira)

Another member of the inner circle, he is one of the longest serving mercenary among the Hawks. Although he resents Gatts a lot, he also has a grudging respect for his fighting skills. As for his own skills, he too is a capable fighter but when the going gets tough, he starts looking for an excuse for others to do the job for him. (VA: Nishimura Hoko)


The youngest member of the Hawks and a close adviser to Griffith. Although a falconer, he also joins the rest of the mercenaries in battle when the opportunity arises. He usually uses a crossbow but also adept at using a sword against opponents several times his size. (VA: Yajima Akiko)

The "big man" among the Hawks and one of the close advisers to Griffith. He very rarely talks and always seem to look after Rickert. His favorite weapon is a spiked mace. (VA: Amada Masuo)


He is a member of the Raiders and functions as their spokesman. He is fiercely loyal to Gatts and Griffith and stayed with them until the very end.

King of Midland
The King has been one of Griffith's few staunch supporters outside the Hawks' ranks. However, he turned against Griffith when he found out about his affair with his daughter Charlotte.


She is the King's only daughter. After her affair with Griffith was discovered, she secretly made arrangements with the remaining members of the Hawks to have Griffith rescued from the dungeon. (VA: Shiratori Yuri)

One of the knights and generals serving Midland. Unlike the other members of the nobility and the military, Raban recognizes Griffith's talents and is openly supportive of him especially in the events leading to the decisive battle for Doldrey Castle.


Another knight in the service of Midland and a close associate of Raban. Like Raban, Owen has no grudge against Griffith and supports his actions.

Gatts's sword smith friend. He briefly appeared in the Ep. 1 prologue but did not appear again until Episode 20. His home has become Gatt's refuge after he left the Hawks and also where he recuperated after their encounter with God Hand. He is the one who forged the "Dragon Killer", a massive sword that Gatts used in Episode 1 and has become his trademark throughout the manga series.


She is Godo's granddaughter. During Gatts's stay at Godo's house, Erika stayed with him as his assistant as he trained with his sword. She also tends to him whenever he gets injured. She gets to do the same same duty again after Gatts's near fatal encounter with God Hand.

Son of Yurius and nephew of the king of Midland. It was Yurius's dream for Adonis to succeed him as the commander of the White Dragon Knights and eventually marry Charlotte to become the future king of Midland.


He is Adonis's tutor and guardian. He is the only one who looks after Adonis after each cruel training sessions with his father.

He is Gatt's guardian when he was growing up. It was his wife Shizu who adapted Gatts as a baby but died three years later. A mercenary by trade, he suffered a serious injury during one of the battles which left him invalid. Maddened by his frustration caused by his injury and years of resentment, he tried to kill Gatts one night but got killed accidentally instead.


He is the King's younger brother and next in line to the throne of Midland. He also commanded the best knights at the time, the White Dragons. He has despised Griffith right from the beginning, dismissing him as an upstart social climber. Alarmed by Griffith's ever increasing fame and influence, he hatched a plot to assassinate him during the Hunt. His involvement eventually cost him his life.

He is a minister in the royal court and seems to be always involved in political intrigues inside the castle. Like Yurius, he's not fond of Griffith and is involved in several plans to eliminate him. He is later "blackmailed" by Griffith into revealing their plans when he found out about his involvement.

Queen of Midland
She is actually the King's second wife and Charlotte's stepmother. Her issue with Griffith is that he is a commoner and not of noble birth. She later became personally involved in a plot to assassinate him when she found out that Charlotte and Griffith have grown very fond of each other.

A rather capable leader and fighter for the Chudan Empire whose talents are overshadowed by his pompousness and over-inflated sense of self-worth. His disdain for women in the battlefield becomes evident every time he confronts Caska yet he is intrigued by the thought of capturing her to be his slave. He fights Caska for the last time during the siege of Doldrey Castle. (VA: Genda Tesshou)


He is unquestionably the best and strongest knight on the Chudan Empire's side. He and his knights, the Purple Rhinos, are at the forefront of the defense of the Doldrey Castle which is besieged by Midland's armies. It is fated in the end that the strongest of Midland's soldiers (Gatts) engages Chuda's best on a one-on-one battle.

He is the governor of the Empire's northern sector whose headquarters are based in Doldrey Castle. His unsavory taste toward pedophilia led to an encounter with Griffith years earlier and later became the cause of his downfall during the siege.

Nosferatu Zodd

He is known among other mercenaries as "Zodd the Immortal" because of his "habit" of returning to battle after reportedly being killed in the previous one. While he looks like a human, he is actually a monster similar to the Minotaur in the Greek myths. He is the only one that Gatts ever feared. His nickname is accurate: he's been around since the early days of Midland itself!

The Snake Baron
He is the lord of the Koka castle seen in the first episode of the TV series. A servant of God Hand, he ordered the destruction of the village outside his castle, during which Gatts finally confronts him. Soon afterward, he reveals his true self but Gatts proves to be too strong even for him. His Behelit pendant is the only hint of his allegiance to God Hand.


A fairy that looks like a luna moth, Roshinu is a follower of God Hand and she briefly appeared in Episode 22 when she led a surprise night attack against the Hawks. However, she takes on a bigger role in the manga starting with Vol.14 under the story "Chapter of the Lost Children". She is the queen of the fairy kingdom located in the Valley of the Mist.

God Hand
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Character Bio's

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