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Welcome To Anime Revolution

Welcome to Anime Revolution, we are one of the top anime web sites on the net... Well, not really, but we're hoping to be someday thats why we keep bringing you more and more full eps, sound clips, movie clips, and music from all your favorite animes.

Welcome To Anime Revolution



The Last Update...@ 3:28 PM

, the last update is done.. Along with this site, apparently no one really cares about this site, but me. Now I'm losing interest in it and now i just say "screw it." So to everyone who came to this site and liked what they saw, I say "Thank you." To the rest i say "Fuck you."

Lots of MultiMedia and New Layout...@ 6:04 PM

Hey as you can see we got a new layout.. Finally... Also i got a new cable modem and found the first 12 episodes of Dragonball GT, i was just about to upload the rest of them.

Also as you could tell we got a new entrance banner also, we hop you like it and we are now accepting e-mails of expierenced webmasters to come and be on our staff, i was running this by myself, but decided i need more help. e-mail me if you would like the job.


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Hey Welcome To Anime Revolution
Were Just Opening With A Brand Spankin New Layout

We will be putting all the latest news of animes, games
and just stuff that is interesting up here shortly.

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