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Another fun filled day... 12/23/00 ~Jamie
Hi welcome to the first update of my site.. Since this is the first update i doubt if anyone will read this for oh, say a week maybe. I'm working on getting the site and all of the pics and banners done. Shouldn't take too long.





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God Hand


He is the first of the God Hand to appear hence, he's considered the leader of the group. He is the one wearing an H.R. Giger-inspired cape. With his entire brain exposed, eyelids sewn shut and lips pulled back, he certainly conjures up images from Hellraiser. As their leader, he performs the "kouma" ("surrender to evil") ceremony which involves the branding of unlucky humans, marking them as sacrificial offerings to those who serve them.


He is considered Void's assistant in performing the "kouma" ceremony. The second one to appear, he is a squat figure with a back that looks like a turtle shell and beneath it is a skirt that hides his feet. Like Void, his eyelids are also sewn shut.


The diminutive member of the group, Ubick is the one with a shell-like body and flipper-like appendages attached to it. He has the ability to peer into the minds of men and project them for all to see. He is often seen floating around when they appear and unlike Conrad, he is a constant chatterer.


Among the God Hand, Slan is the only one with the form of a female.

The last one to join God Hand. As one could probably tell, Femto used to be Griffith. During his transformation, Void gave him the title of "Wings of Darkness".

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