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Alrighty! This page is dedicated to fanfic challenges that deal with Ranma and Kasumi pairings. It doesn't matter to us if it's a crossover, alternate universe, divergence or fusion. The end result must be Ranma and Kasumi getting together. Pretty simple, ne? All submissions will be sent to ctong1@ipoline.com

Challenge #1

My first challenge is an idea I got from Morden's idea's and reject page

Ranma saves two young girls around the age of seven and eight from a robber who had killed their mother right in front of them. Of course Ranma obliterates the guy. The two girl turn out to be homeless, and feeling sorry for the girls decides to adopt them. It's up to you how each characters respond to Ranma adopting the kids. However the main outcome is that Ranma and Kasumi end up with each other. ^_^ 

Challenge #2

Ryouga returns from one of his around the world "tours" bring along with him a present for Akane. It's an artifact he found while ending up in a ruin (lost civilization?? Atlantis maybe???) and finding the artifact. It looked pretty enough so he decided to give it to Akane. Anwayz, what he doesn't know is that the artifact is similar to a time capsule, but more complex. It's function is to psychically connect to a host and that person will experience the memories/life stored in it.  That way even if their civilization was to disappear, it will not be forgotten. 

Guess who it interfaces with? hehehe. Everyone is shocked to see Ranma go unconcious and the artficat starts to glow. Ranma starts to experience someone else's life but to him, it's his own. Growing up with loving parents, going to school, meeting new friends, falling in-love, getting married, having kids and growing old with the one he loves. All this happens in only a few hours in the real world but to Ranma, it's a life time. 

It's all up to the author as to how Ranma reacts to finding out that the life he just had (from the artifact) was really a dream. How will Nerima deals with Ranma acting MATURE!!?? Heck, after what he just went through it's not surprising he didn't come out changed/affected. 

Credit for this idea goes to Star Trek: TNG. 

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