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Test Thou Courage...

Ok! This page is dedicated to fanfic challenges that deal with Ranma and ??? (up to the author) pairings. It doesn't matter to us if it's a crossover, alternate universe, divergence or fusion. Pretty simple, ne? All submissions will be sent to ctong1@ipoline.com

I'm trying to use different anime's rather than the usual Tenchi, DBZ, SM and AMG. Something different and never been done yet.   

Challenge #1

Type: x-over/alt universe

Series: Angelic Layer (look it up in Anipike.com)

I dunno if anyone has seen this series yet. Anywayz, it's all up to the author. No fusions though...I'd prefer a x-over or atl-verse.

Challenge #2

Type: x-over/divergence/alt-verse

Series: Geneshaft

Summary: It takes place around 250-300 years in the future after mankind has cracked and perfected the Human genome. Every human being has been crafted at the gene level. Each person has been genetically manipulated so that they would excel at various tasks (ie. engineering, fighter, etc). Males are a rarity and must, by law, be accompanied by a stenographer of sorts who takes down every word he speaks as males are believed to be inherently violent and dangerous.  Just imagine them finding Ranma..."what did you say? You weren't genetically enhanced!?"  

What's this? He's stuck on a ship full of girls!? 
Not just any girls....their the Power Puff Gir....er...hehe. Wrong show.  

Oh yeah, and please don't make Ranma into a girl permanently. It's ok if he still has the curse. Just watch all these scientists who want to get their grubby hands on him and perform all these wonderful  experiments! 

" ACK! Washu-chan! What are you doing here? " ^_~


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