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Lets turn back into the pages of History...
Here is an archive of all the news (or mindless ramblings as some of you may call them) that I've put up since the beginning of this site.

Session 2: I just fixed the ftp so if any of you have had problems please try again, if you still have problems please email darkchun.
Session 1: Fanfiction A-Z are offline but new honored authors pages are up except for Dark Phoenix's, more to come later today.


Session 2: I'm finished almost all of the fanfiction pages, just have to put up the updates you all of sent in then I will post everything.  I know that none of the links in Kaiton's page work that will be fixed after everything is posted, don't worry.  Thanks again for putting up with this and please all you authors please keep sending me updates to your fanfics, I haven't forgotten and they will be posted.  Thanks again for all your support, later.
Session 1: Hey, just finished all of Kaiton's new page, this will be what everything else will be based on, hope you like it.  More to come soon.  Sorry if I'm behind on updating but copying and pasting and editing is getting to me.


Session 2: Hi ya folks! Darkreign here! Alright! Fixed the main page. For those who were using Netscape you would have noticed that the text box was too narrow. It seems that when we edited the main page with MS Frontpage, Netscape was reading all the coding wrong. Looked fine on Internet Explorer though. It tell ya, it was crazy! We fix one problem and another one pops up. Anywaz, through hard work (hehe) and perseverance we finally licked that accursed problem (break out the beer! "Let's celebrate good times, common!"). More updates will start popping up right after we finish re-vamping the site. Before I forget, I'd like to say thanks to those you wrote all the positive comments in our guestbook. It just makes doing all this worth the effort. Peace! *^_^*
Session 1: darkchun here, just wanted to say thank you everyone who commented on the page (finally the guestbook is getting a decent workout heh), I'm really happy that there were some really nice compliments to this site and I'm sure Darkreign is as well. Most of the custom graphics on this page are done by him while I just handle the coding. Both are us are constantly coming up with bigger and better ideas for the site hopefully we'll find the time during the summer. Sorry if I haven't posted some of the fanfics I've recieved yet, but I wanted to finish the new look of the fanfiction section and then post them. I should be finished today with the fanfiction section so look for an update later, currently I can't do much since I'm still at my friend's dorm.


Session 2: Sorry but I am currently over my friend's house, heh. Don't really know how I ended up here, so updated will be pushed back to tomorrow morning as I will be sleeping over my friend's dorm. Also btw to people who are worried about me not posting Ranma and Akane fanfics or such, note I don't hate Akane and Ranma pairing I am just not particularly fond of them. Therefore unless the fanfic is really good I won't be taken to posting it very much. Also I acknowledge the fact that Hung's missing page may be due to an accident or other none Knight of True Fiancee related event. However, Hung has been recieving flames and other nasty notes from Knights of the True Fiancee. I believe that any such action of that sort is intolerable because nothing good results from the spreading of flames. All those people are doing is showing their simplicity in not being able to compose a rational letter, and also stubborness in their inability to accept that fact that people are allowed to express their personal view in any way they please as long as it doesn't infringe on other's rights. I hope this clarifies some questions people may have had about my views. Any comments or questions about this can be emailed to me, written in guestbook or posted in the current poll. Thank you all for supporting this church and I hope you continue to do so.
Session 1: Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who commented on this page, and please send me comments if you haven't done so already this update is dedicated to all the people who have emailed me or signed the guestbook and hopefully more will follow (Remember I'm human too and the more you comment to more likely I'll be motivated to work on this site). Today's updates include: nothing yet I have class now, will finish when I come back tonight.

Session 2: Here is Hung's note to all his readers.
Session 1: Trying to make new layout of site using Frontpage 2000 instead of just plain old html and notepad, heh.  This is just a test page so plz tell me what you think.  Click here to see the old homepage.  Also put new poll up (in fanfiction) plz go fill it out and express yourself.

Went home for the weekend so my ftp is down, sorry. Also got news that Hung's Animeaddiction site has been attacked by some sort of virus and has been erased yet again. He has told me that this was the work of Knights of the True Fiancee. This is tragic occurance but not one we can't overcome. All of Hung's fanfics are now hosted at Lady Cosmos' page and at the Ranma Superhighway hosted by Red Death. Plus once I get back to my dorm I will work on a honored authors page for Hung and his fanfics will be hosted here as well. While before I never had anything personal against Akane or the Knights of the True Fiancee my opinion has quickly changed. I can't believe they would actually goto the trouble of destroying someone's work. All they've done is fuel the fire to their own demise and show the rest of us how truly despicable they really are. While this may be the work of only a single Knight of the True Finacee and not represent the views of all of them, it has soiled the entire group and I hope those Knights of the True Finacee who realize the stupidity of this act speak out against such balatant wrong. That's it for today, can't update site since I am home, but I'll get cracking at it when I get back. PS Dark Phoenix (ie Jonathan Ford) I'll be working on your honored authored page as well. Also any other authors who would like a honored authors page msg me (note you must have written a good quantity of quality fanfics and have proof of such (ie links 3 sites praising your work or having 10 ppl send me emails saying they love your work and wish for you to have your own honored authors page or a combination of both). Good luck to all you new or old writers and long live good fanfiction... that is all for my rant today, heh I couldn't update so I just wrote a lot ^_^


Go here to see all of Silverbreeze's new fanfics, I'll put them on my site soon but as of now go to http://cyberlife.gq.nu. Also I've updated the Dual chanllenge fanfic plz goto the challenge section to read chapter 2. I've made a seperate upload account for those ppl who want to upload and download from ftp at sametime. ip = port = 21 login = upload password = upload. Thanks a lot everyone, update will be tonight ^_^.


Hey, I put up my list of all the anime currently on my hd, plz goto download section to see it and view it before you go on the ftp, thanks a lot. I'm opening up my ftp to the public, this is for your benefit and I am not responsible for any files that you obtain. All copyrighted material must be deleted within 24 hours of download unless you own a copy of such material. I'm sorry for all this legal jargon but its necessary to protect myself and this site. IP address is the port is port 21 and login/pass is Kasumi/Ranma. Please use this wisely and do not abuse it, as it is for everyone's enjoyment.


Updated Ideas page and posted revised version of Dual challenge fanfic. Updated Guardian and Nexus and also some of Kaitons fanfics (goto honored authors page and look for new sign). Fixed Ranma 1/2 As Chapter 3 link as well. Also click here to read a note by me. Added Born for Trouble 6


Ok people! Got our first entry to fanfic challenge #2. All thanx goes to Kijin (C&C wanted). You can find the fic in the fanfic challenge section. 
Again, a thousand thanx goes to Kijin! Salamat po! 


Everything fixed. Ummmm network game of MW4 (Mech Warrior 4) came up, heh, sorry, otherwise, I'd post more fanfics along with this update.


Finally angelfire works!!!, partial update today!!! enjoy; just look for the new symbols. This is only about half the fanfics, school is calling me again... well more like dragging me back, heh. But I'll update the rest of fanfiction later tonight or tomorrow. The revisions to the whole site will have to be pushed but, sorry.


I tried to do a partial update yesterday, but angelfire seems to be not cooperating. The regular site update works but I can't use the ftp, which is what I usually use. There is too much stuff for me to upload so I don't want to do it through the site, I've emailed angelfire to see if they can fix this problem. Here is a preview of what the new fanfiction section will look like. Update is still in progress, its taking me a lot longer than expected, so sorry for the delays.


Hey what's up everyone, ummm sorry this isn't an update I still have 2 exams to go before I'm homefree but I just had a great idea that I wanted to share with you guys. I was thinking it'd be really cool if you guys made a Kasumi and Ranma quiz at http://www.coolquiz.com/ and then I could link it to my site so that we can have a a contest to see who knows the most about Kasumi and Ranma. If anyone willing to make such a quiz I'd be more than happy to feature their name in a soon to come guests of honor section (dedicated to all those truly wonderful visitors who have contributed to this site) this is my way of thanking you all. Also this weekend is going to be major revisions. I will reformat the fanfiction page and other aspects of this site. Plus does anyone know what happened to Hung Nguyen's Animeaddiction site, it seems to have disappeared, plz message me, thanx. Bye for now expect an update at end of this week ^_^.


Ok nothing too much today, too tired from this weekend, heh. But I've updated a lot of fanfiction so go check them out. Today's update are: added fanfic "A Small Detour", add revised chap Pro-2 of "Healer's Art", added "Hinako's Life", added "Guardian", updated "Power and Responsibility", added "Death and Rebirth". Also renovations on the fanfiction section are underway, sorry about current slow loading times.


Hey its my birthday ^_^ Happy Birthday to me!!! Sorry for not having a update in awhile but these past 2 weeks have been midterms and I've had to concentrate on school. I would update today but I didn't do too well on my exams (so far I've gotten 2 bad grades out of 5 exams and the rest I don't know). So right now I'm kind of sad cus now I have to work harder to do well *sigh*. Hopefully it won't effect this site to much. Well in worst case Darkreign will back me up. Thanks for your patience. Also note: Banner contest ends sometime next week, its either Mon. or Fri. so cast your votes while you can. Sorry again for a lack of update, but now you can look forward to a big update next time.


Updated Kaiton's Marriage of Shadows, in the Honor authors section. Updated Power and Responsibility in fanfiction section. Added new Kaiton fanfic called Kinslayer Reborn into Honor authors section as well. Added A Healer's Art to the fanfiction section. Added Deepquote to members page, he's the author of A Healer's Art, great work, let's all welcome him and plz send c&c about his fanfic to him. Added a new quote the the Church doctrine.


Session 3: I am thinking about returning to our roots, this site has been recently diverging from its founding purpose: to support and promote Kasumi and Ranma fanfics. Thus from now on I ask you only to submit ideas related to Kasumi and Ranma or helping improve this site. Also future challenges will all be Kasumi and Ranma related and soon fanfics will be seperated into 2 sections, one with Kasumi and Ranma fanfics and one without. Plus I am working on revising the fanfiction pages so that it takes less time to load. Thank you for your attention and support; plz sign the guestbook, we haven't had a entry in awhile, we need input!!!.

Session 2: Updated fighting Blind and Ranma's Bane. Also added a new wallpaper of belldandy and her angel (they're both sooooooooo beautiful), go check them out in the download section

Session 1: This is darkchun, and I just want to further clarify the challenge page. Every 4-8 weeks we will issue two challenges to all the visitors of this site. If you decide to take up the challenge, we will feature that fanfic on the front page of the fanfiction section, where all the visitors will see. Also other rewards might fellow, me and darkreign are still working on that one, heh. The challenges will mainly come from ideas you send us, so send in those ideas, and we my use it as a challenge. Thank you all for you wonderful support of this site, it wouldn't be the same without the visitors.


Session 2: hehe, that was quick. I setup the fanfic challenge section and it's up and running in the fanfiction page.  

Session 1: Hello Mina-san! Darkreign here...ah, my first official update. ^_^ Anywaz, I just added some new fanfic ideas from Kraude54 (thanx man!). Keep those ideas coming people and I'll hopefully have time to organize them all into sub-categories so it's easier for you guys to sort through. Also, I'll be adding a fanfic challenge page soon, so keep an eye out for that. 


Sorry for long delay between this update and last but started playing Starcraft again with friends on the floor and got dragged into playing too many games, hehe. But don't worry I'm back on track. Added new picture of Kaiton's Eva History, located in the honored authors page. Updates this time include: the banner poll (heh, finally put that one up), fanfic updates for Ranma 1/2 V, Darkness Ahead, Sakura Ranma, Bet #10, new fanfic called Power and Responsibility. Also I finally added "Truth Revealed" by Kraude54, hehe forgot last time, this fanfic was inspired by your comments in the polls about what you think of Akane, located in the polls section. Go check it out in the fanfiction section.


Added the banner contest poll into both the fanfiction and poll section. From now on the lastest poll will placed in to fanfiction section and previous polls will be in the current poll location. Also added fanfic by Kraude54, called 'The Truth Revealed'.


Added new fanfic by Wishbringer called Ranma 1/2 V. Put a new fanfic award that was made by Darkreign. Go check it out in the fanfiction section. And remember the banners deadline is soon, so either submit them or ask for more time ^_^


Great news for this site, my good friend Darkreign, artist for my index pic and one of the banners, has agreed to become a co-owner to this site. He has a great graphics and html experience so you can expect a lot of improvements to this sites. Not only that but now you can expect updates to be bigger and faster, heh. So now you have to check out this page every couple hours instead of once or twice a day, heh. I would update fanfics but there's nothing to update so far, I'll put up anything as soon as I get it.


Just put a up Belldandy's 4th poll so go check it out. Added polls section to the fanfiction section of my page. Also working on idea of a Ideas page where people can post ideas for fanfics and/or this website. Also banner poll will be up by end of this week, I'm still expecting one more submission. If you are making a banner for this site and need more time just tell me and I'll postpone the poll ^_^ 01/29/01

Added another link sent by someone into the links sectionI have really fixed the 'business' fanfic link now, other time I messed up again, sorry. Just found out link to 'business' was broken and fixed it, sorry. Added 'business' into Jeff Wong's honored authored page. Added pass-it-on gear into my links page, now you can email your friends about this site. And keep up the banner submissions, the polls will be setup this week.


Redid the fanfiction page, go check it out. Also added polls to those fanfics missing them. Will make a polls section soon. Added fonts to download section, please download and install the fonts they make this site look better and posted a link submitted by someone in the link section. Also tried to clean up some of my code, but was only partially successful due to fact that is very messy (I started this site with no html experience therefore I made a lot of errors in the coding most of which isn't harmful just wasteful. Also keep up the good work with the banners, the more the better ^_^


Session 2: Updated Fighting Blind and also Ranma's Bane. Changed pic for index since hotmail is now working, go check it out. Thanks again to Darkreign for the pic. Also Anthony Cheng is not the anthor of Ranma's Bane, Andrew Wilson is the author.
Session 1: Minor changes to index and got rid of background in home, more cosmetic changes to come. Got a new pic thanks to Darkreign for the index but can't get it due to hotmail being down. I'll put that up when hotmail is working again.


I would like to apoligize to Anthony Cheng because I accidentally labeled his banner to have been made by Andrew Wilson.


Session 2: Updated links section and added banner section link in the links page. Added banner by Anthony Cheng lets all thank him for his contribution. Polls for banner will be held sometime next week. Also added Wishbringer to our list of members, lets all welcome him. Plus I've added Ranma Zero to fanfiction section. Btw I'm stilling working on that newsletter thing for you members so don't think i'm not :) Don't forget about the banner contest ppl, plz be a part of this site (Kasumi and Belldandy thank you all for participating).
Session 1: Updated Ranma's Bane, Sakura Ranma, Kaiton's: Spider's Mark, Marriage of Shadows, The Wandering Saotome. Also added new Kaiton fanfic: El Ranma. Members page will be updated later today along with more fics to be added.


Sorry haven't updated this week, its Chinese New Year!!! So I went out and partied woohoo!!! I'll update tomorrow don't worry. To all you Asian people Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Session 2: Ok added some pics that kaiton drew for his fanfics (Eva History, and Rise of the dead) go check them out in his page located in the fanfiction section or click on the links. Now my question is why is he drawing when he could be updating his fanfics!!! hehe jk, take your time, I know good fanfics take time to write.
Session 1: I just got the first submission for the banner contest and boy is it good!!!. Its by Darkreign and I'm eternally grateful for his contribution. Click here to see it, polls will be setup as soon as more banners are submitted so keep up the good work people, ^_^.


OK listen up people, this is your chance to show how much you love this site, I am holding a banner contest, the top 2 banners submitted will become the offical banners for this site, this decision will be decided not only on my decision but also by polls, thank you all for listening ^_^. Updated members page and also added some stuff into the download section to get them both a little more recent. Also added chapter 2 of Director's Cut and chapter 3 of Nexus ^^.


Ok updated some stuff, mostly misc (links, etc.) also changed topic for poll. More to come soon. I'm going to update a lot this week to make up for all those times I put things off, heh. Sorry again I hope I can renew your confidence in me and this site, thanx.


Ok fixed all the broken links from last time, heh, sorry about that. Also added Kaiton's Where are we now chapter 3, Updated Ranma's Bane (Chapter 8-10) and put now 4 new fanfics: "Sakura Ranma", "Bet #10", "The Dragon, the Monkey, and the Bunny", and "Wrath of Gods". Ok I'll put more stuff up later this week, I swear, no more slacking off on this website, that's my new years resolution :)


Session 1: Ok started updating finally sorry guys. Kaiton's "Eva History" Chapter 4 and "Spiders Mark" Chapter 2 is now the completed version, plus Cyclopean Structure Volume 1: Destiny Lost chapter 2, also put up 4-7 of "Rane's Bane", Also updated Dragon Master, fixed links of Dragon Incranate plus Path of Mist, added Chapter 4 of Path of Mists, Fighting Blind Chapter 11 part 2 is also up, and added fanfic call "Forelske Seg I Gud" which seems to be a great start for a Kasumi and Ranma fanfic. I will continue to update, after this just putting up what I've done so far.
Session 2: Ok working on updating members page also need people to resubmit their applications for membership, sorry I can't seem to find where i saved them, gomen-nasai. Also I've added a Download section to my page where i have some misc d/l relating to ranma. that's it for today I going to sleep now, more tomorrow ^_^


I am sooooooooooo sorry but life's a bitch and things never ever go your way. But I swear on my life and my health and my sanity if i don't get an update in before christmas i'll shoot myself. This is my word, i swear that i shall do a big big update for a christmas present to all you guys, btw finals are a bitch and physics sux a lot :(


Sorry but I've just been terribly sick these past days, I still am so the update will come after I over this flu. I'm just feeling to horrible right now to really work on the site. I'm also pissed cause I missed my psych experiment that I had to go to and now I might have to write a paper to make up for it, which really sucks.


Ok ppl don't worry I'm still alive, sorry for this late into informing you, but past couple weeks have been spent on 2nd midterms, thanksgiving I was home so no computer, and also playing Icewind Dale, great game, just got BGII, hehe. But don't worry I still care a lot about this site and I'll update it soon, I swear! I promise I'll do something big like I did last time to make up for all this long long delay. Wayne suggested that I put a pic gallery or something like that, plz send me your c&c on what you think of that idea or pics your want me to put in it. Also planning to update members page, and put in a newsletter or some auto-email thing for members to notify them of updates and other important things I have planned. For now I have to get back settled into my dorm, byebye.


Finally Church Doctrine has been made with the help of some very generous ppl namely Black Dragon, hehe thanks a lot to all those who've contributed. Also I've added chapter 2 of Nexus.


Session 2: Misc fixes and added a really really basic links page, at least I finally have one, I'll work on it when i have time.
Session 1: Ok i've added the rating thing for both Kaiton and Oneshots fanfics now as well. And a note for all you people who voted, plz put comments. It helps others see why you liked the fanfic, just a rating of stars doesn't mean that much.


Session 2: Ok you'll notice some differences in the fanfiction section now, each fanfic has it own poll which you can give it a rating and comments, also put up new award system and belldandy poll.
Session 1: MAJOR MAJOR remodeling is being consider for my fanfiction page. I got a email today from Lufio who gave me a lot of great suggestion on how to improve the site. To see his email to me click here. Anyway these suggestions are great but I REALLY NEED HELP with them and would appreciate anybody who would be willing to help me edit this page. Anyone who volunteers to help will be considered a co-owner of the page as a perk. Thanks again for all the support, together we will make this the best Kasumi and Ranma page ever!!! Also I revamped the Old new page, for more efficent use of of space.


Ok, I'm back into my updating groove, see 3 updates in less than a week, hehe. Well I've updated Path of Mists by Silverbreeze and added 2 new fanfics of his, Dragon Incarnate and Dragon Master, enjoy. Btw for all those ppl who email me about being members, don't worry I'm working on it.


Added Directors Cut fanfic, and fixed Setting Moon broken links, I had this fixed awhile ago but angelfire was down and I couldn't upload. Also got a cool easy to remember url just type go.to/KasumiandRanma and it will link to my site.


Session 2: Uploaded A Litte Motherly Love, Legends, Ranma 1/2 AS, and Setting Moon. I will get to Addicted and Bet #10 soon, well enjoy.
Session 1: I had this update done last night, but stupid angelfire wouldn't let me login so I couldn't update it, sorry, but it wasn't my fault. Well finally here's the update I promised. Also sorry to all new members, I forgot to update the members page, I'm working on it, you'll be able to see your name there soon, thanks for all your support!!!


Ok, got the fanfic updates posted, and put up some new fanfics that people sent me. I'm also collecting Setting Moon, Bet #10, A Little Motherly Love, Ranma 1/2 AS, and Legends. I will put them on the page very soon. They are all top notch Kasumi and Ranma fanfics.


Don't give up hope people I'm still here, and big big update this weekend. I'm sorry for extremely lateness and I promise this won't happend again, but I had midterms and afterwards I was bitten by laziness bug. But that's alright cause this weekend I'll redemption will occur!!! "I may be dim, but it's always dark before the Glorious Sunrise!!!!" I hope all you guys can forgive me.


Don't worry I'm updating, I working on it right now, but I have to leave to do something. Once I'm back and semi-big update will be put up. Ok bye for now, sorry for lateness but Mid-terms are happening.


Seems I was able to fix the page so Netscape users can link to the other sections now from the bottom of the page. Also Suekeiichi Kaiton and Black Dragon have decided to become members, isn't that great. I've added Chapter 2 of Darkness Ahead, also planning to add Private Bet #10 and Legends to this site soon. Sorry to all the fans of those fanfics (I really really like both of them) its just that I've been a slacker and putting it off, plz forgive me.


Session 2 Yet another update. Added Chapter 5 of Kasumi and 1/2. Also updated Kaiton's Pity preview and added the 2nd of the 3 fanfics he promised us (what a nice guy ^.^), the fic is called Sibling Rivalries and already its looking to be a really crowd pleaser. Plus added cool non Kasumi/Ranma fanfic Supernova, trust me its good.
Session 1 Added Demon's Awaking Chapter 1 and Ranma's Bane Chapter 1-3 to the fanfiction section, and I've added The least one can do and JWD 7 to Jeff Wong's page in the fanfiction section. I've updated Fighting Blind Chapter 11 as well and also added a review for Kasumi 1/2 by nwaa.


Semi major update: added 3 new fanfics, 'Demon's Dawning' and 'Path of Mists' and 'Kasumi 1/2' (I know I know I should have put this one up a long time ago, sorry). Also updated Chapter 11 of Fighting Blind. Also I've put up little comments/summaries for all my fanfics now, hehe that took awhile. Thinking about changing look of fanfiction page. As a side note I finished thsi update at around 2:00AM last night but my roommate got pissed at me because he wanted some sleep and my typing was pissing him off so he made me stop. Its now 1:53PM and I just finished uploading everything.


Updated members info. Made new page for Jeff Wong in fanfiction section of page, go check it out.


Updated Fighting Blind Chapter 11 part 1 and added What Happened? Chapter 3. I just want to say thank you to all the people who have expressed interest in becoming a member (I'm so grateful). I just want to note that you can be a member no matter what couplings you like as long as Kasumi and Ranma is one of them. I like a lot couples personally, for example: I like Nabiki, Mrs. Hinako, Setsuna (Sailor Moon), Belldandy (AMG), Urd (AMG), Risuko (EVA), Misato (EVA), Sylia (Bubblegum), and someothers. I've added another fanfic by Long Ngo in the fanfiction section. I was wondering if anyone was willing to take up the task of writing the Church doctrine, I would but I just don't have enough time with expanding this site and school. I just keep putting it off. I still have to put up a links page and the about me page. Also I've put up a really pretty kasumi wallpaper by Sarcastic59.


As a note for those who aren't sure what it takes to be a member: the only requirement is that you like Kasumi and Ranma match ups that's it (You don't have to like only Kasumi and Ranma match ups). I've finished posted all of Suekeiichi's fanfics that I have or could find, please go check them out they are all really good. Also I've alphabetized the fanfics by title (please email me about what you think of the order, if you like it or do you want it a different way i.e. by author's first or last name) for your reading convenience.


Second session Hey, I would just like to thank Suekeiichi (Three Cheers for him!!!) for starting 3 new Kasumi and Ranma fanfics for my site!!! Go check out the first one, which he has provided me with a preview of in the fanfiction section, I just added it. I am really really happy that he has decided to write such a generous amount of fanfiction about Kasumi and Ranma. I can't express the gratitude that I feel for his contributions. I hope this inspires other writers and soon to be writers to do the same and write some more fanfictions with Kasumi and Ranma as a couple. When I started this site I didn't think I would make much of a difference in the Ranma fanfiction community but "brothers I have seen the light" and from now on I will endeavor to work harder to make this site better and also to promote more new Kasumi and Ranma fanfics. I would like to thank all those who have given me their support either with comments and suggests, fanfics, or just plain encouragement. I couldn't have made it this far without you guys and I hope you'll all continue to provide the wonderful help that you've been giving.
First session A minor update (sorry but its 2:14 in the morning and my roommate is complaining about me keeping him awake) I added another fanfic, got check it out in the fanfiction section. I really have to work on the Church doctrine, the links section, and the about me section. Also if anyone would like to review any of the fanfics I would love to take your input. There's just so many, it's overwhelming. And as always proper recognition will be posted for those brave souls willing to speak up and review the fanfics. BTW as a side note, WHY ARE THERE STILL ONLY 2 MEMBERS!!! I get all this really great comments in my guestbook but I don't see anyone wanting to join my members page (has anyone even checked it out yet?). Sorry about that but I'm just kind of sadden by that fact.


Finally updated again, sorry for the long delay but schools just being werid. Still don't have ethernet, which really pisses me off, stupid network. The worst part is my roommate has it and I don't. I put up Suekeiichi Kaiton's Fanfics page up (although I only put on 2 fanfic, sorry). Also I fixed the broken links for Chapter 10 of Fighting Blind and did other misc changes.


Hey Wayne what's up. I just want to say thank you to you and all the people who have signed this guestbook. I just got on the internet, the network at school is down and I had to figure out a way to dial up; which I just got from some guy down the hall. Well hopefully I'll get back to this site soon, but currently I have school to setup and do; I promise by next week to get some more fanfics put up and reviewed. Its 2:08 AM so I need to get some sleep, hehe.


I have to pack up this computer because I'm moving into college tomorrow. I might not be able to update for a little while probably just a day or 2 at the most. And if this is Wayne, the first person who signed my guestbook, please view the guestbook, I left a message for you, thanx


Its technically the 30th even though its only 17 minutes past midnight, hehe. Well I've made the featured fanfic award, changed the award policy, reviewed some fics, and handed out 2 awards. I think I did a good days work. ^_^


I've added a bunch of fanfics and I've cleaned up the site a little bit more. I've also been emailing people for contributions to the church doctrine, if you want to put something into the doctrine goto the 'Church Doctrine' section and read the instructions in there.

08/28/00 PartB

I've fixed up a lot of misc. problems and also cleaned up the site a lot. I've changed the members page layout some and it looks a lot nicer I think. I'm still gathering fanfics so don't worry there will be a lot more coming.


Finally I've put up a fanfic it it happens to be one of my favorite maybe even my most favorite. Its called "Will You Be My Finace?" and its a really wonderful fanfic that I'm sure you'll enjoy go check it out in the fanfiction section. Also I got the About Ranma 1/2 page up in case anyone wants to look at it.

08/27/00 Part B

I felt bad about slacking off on the site so I decided to work on it. I've fixed up the fanfiction page, still no fanfics though (I know, I know, I really deserve to be hit; I'm such a BAKA!!! *Akane comes and pounds me with her ever present hammer* x_X are you happy now). Anyway I promise I'll get a bunch for you next week. Also I made a partially finalized version of the members page, put the old news section up, and got a guestbook, so please check them all out, I'm sure Belldandy and I will be very grateful.


Sorry I haven't done anything for the past few days, but college is starting in 4 days. I've been spending these precious few days left with my friends. But I'll really get back to working on this site soon, so please forgive me until then.

08/22/00 Part B

I'm worked on the site some more, nothing much but I've made a draft layout of the Fanfiction page (its looks ok but I'll probably change somethings later). Currently there are no fanfics there, sorry again, but don't worry I'm working on it. As soon as I finish this update I plan to email some people. Oh and btw I passed my driving test, woohoo!!!


Hmmm... seems that I've gone and worked into the night (it's now 2:07AM). Yesterday's update I did earlier in the evening, but at around 11:00PM I decided to work on this site some more. Mainly I haven't really done much with this update except find and edit the two pictures that you see and also I've cleaned up the homepage so that it looks a bit less compressed than before. I'm new at this html coding so that's why it took so long for me to do something that is probably pretty simple. Mainly the time was spent figuring how to put the pictures onto the page in the correct fashion. Well thanks for putting up with my rantings, I'll probably work on this site again later in the day after I get some sleep, hehe. Also I have my driving test tomorrow so wish me luck :)


I just got back from vacation yesterday, went to Canada with my family. I haven't got the fanfiction section up yet, sorry, but there has been a major face lift for this site and I've also made Belldandy the offical guardian of this temple. I'm probably going to put up the fanfiction section really soon (some time this week, probably tomorrow). I hope you like what you see so far.


This site is designed to honor my favorite couple in my favorite anime (Ranma 1/2). This site has just been start so there's not much now. But please come back soon. On this home page, I am going to include fanfics with Ranma and Kasumi also I will probably have a members page for all you Knights of the Nice Fiancee (email me if you want to join). Of course, there will be a links page and other stuff but i'll work on those later my first priority is to put up the fanfics.

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