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This is where ideas that visitors to this site can post ideas and suggestions for fanfics or web design improvements. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page and we'll process your idea during our next update.


Crossover idea: Ranma/ Peacock King
Ranma goes in search for a cure. While on this journey he encounters Onamaru warrior of forbidden curses. Believing he might better understand his curse if he trains in Onomaru's art Ranma tries to get the forbidden curses warrior to train him.

Crossover idea: Ranma sailor moon
What if Ranma played a very important factor in the downfall of the Silver millennium. He had been the son of one of the nobles of earth and one of the Senshi had been responsible for his death directly or otherwise. How would Dutches Beryl take her revenge for the loss of her son. Just a thought that came to me one day when I tried to come up with a reason for what Beryl did.
Jump to the future the Senshi reborn on the eve of Beryls Defeat and eminent death her cry reaches her reincarnated son and Ranma awakens to his past life. Will he want revenge on the Senshi?

- I'm figuring this taking place post saffron and the failed wedding.


Temporary title: Ranma's Family
Type: Alternate childhood/crossover

This idea is based upon some concepts used at the fanfic Poison from Adrian Wong. In that fanfic, Genma used the 110 formula to erase some Ranma's memories of some "training" that Genma puts Ranma in. My idea is, at the Neko-ken training, Ranma is taken away from Genma by the police (Genma runs away when the police arrived, leaving Ranma). Because of the trauma caused by the Neko-ken, Ranma only remembers his first name, so he is put to adoption and raised by a caring family, plus receiving therapy, overcoming his phobia. Also, the nekoken happens little after Genma have stole Ukyo's yattai, Ranma is 6 year old. Year late (Ranma is 13~14 years old), Genma finds Ranma and kidnaps him, using the 110 formula to lock all memories about his adopted family and in this process locking all skills and knowledge non-martial arts related. Why years late? Genma needed to exit the country to avoid the police, returning when the things have cooled down, the 110 formula could be brought while in this period, of get from Happosai (he is sealed in the cave, but his things could be in another place).
The story goes in the same way of the anime/manga, until after the shi-shi-hokodan episode and before Nodoka appearance into the story. At this point, Ranma's adopted family, finally finds his location and goes to meet him. After this point is up to those who wants to write this. About Ranma's adopted family, could be from any anime/manga: Sailormoon, Tenchi Muyo, Devil Hunter Yokho, Kimagure Orange Road, Oh My Goddess!!, etc. In each family combination we can have different up brings and situations (ex. Ranma as Naru/Molly's old brother, or Amy's brother, or as the younger brother for Keichi and Megumi (OMG), ...).


Title: Super Saiyijin Ranma 
Ranma 1/2 and Dragon Ball crossover

In this story Ranma is born on planet Vegeta and is king Vegeta's only son (in this story all Dragon Ball characters do not exist except for Frieza and King Vegeta) so when the king finds out Frieza is planning to destroy Vegeta he readys his troops and puts his son in a space pod so he can be saved. Ranma crash lands on earth and is discovered by Nodoka and Genma Saotome, Ranma fights them at first end up hitting his head and loses his memory's of the past. The Saotomes raise him as their son and Ranma grows up like in the normal timeline, but when Genma tries to use the Neko-Ken training Ranma's power shows and saves him he now remembers his past and uses his ship to return to space telling his mom he will return in six years. Ranma sets out to find Frieza when they do meet Ranma is pushed to the limit and becomes Super Saiyajin then beats Frieza and over the course of the six years master hundreds of armed and un-armed fighting styles, masters the four super saiyijin levels and his ozuruu forms. And now that he always stays in his Super Saiyajin level four form and is returning to Earth what will the casts of Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess and Ranma 1/2 they all gather at the point where they sense the power (Ranma) will land and they meet the most powerful person in the universe and once more what chaos will ensue.


Title: N/A
Subject: This is a crossover idea of Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, and Superman. 

A very long time ago, a being of near incalculable power and knowledge stripped Krypton of any magical capability, in the process exiling the spirits of Krypton's mystical guardians into space. These spirits, over time, were forced to merge into one being. Even so, when they finally got to earth, they were too weak to continue. This spirit, drawn to the chaos index of Nerima, encounters Kasumi Tendo with a problem: in order to continue existing, they require a person able to host two spirits with a body for each spirit's facet with a high degree of energy potential. The solution, of course, is Ranma. After Kasumi gets the two
together, the spirits make a bargain: permit the spirits to host in his body, and they will enable him to control his curse. After due consideration, Ranma accepts. In order to make Ranma's body more compatible with the spirits and to make the curse easier to manipulate, Ranma's body is turned Kryptonian. This has very interesting effects, as Ranma now starts manifesting super-! powers, shocking everyone.

Kit Carlson

Title: N/A          

Wow. Confusing idea form setup, but easily adjusted to. Anyway, this is a fic idea not site ideas. (Ya don't need those)

I have a dream! Literally, or at least I HAD a dream, and it is hard to catogorize. Hence I've removed some elements
and it is now coherent. I think) Cross/Fusion (or at least closely resembling)

Simple -- Addition/Merging of three (at least) series characters:

Tenchi / Ranma / Ah! Megami-sama
Ryouko + Shan pu + Urd = ?
Aeka + Akane + Belldandy = ?
Sasami + Ukyou + Skuld = ?
Tenchi + Ranma + Keiichi = ?

If you wonder what I mean, it's the joining of their personalities. Now if you wonder why Ukyou is merged with two 'kids' (They are both older than her) it's because I couldn't think of a better place. Other characters could be combined (like Mihoshi, or my favorite char's Kiyone, Kima, Pantyhose, and Skuld's already there) anybody for a Katsuhito + Happosai ? :]
Story line merge would be neat too.


Title: N/A

My idea is based on a story that I am working on right now. Instead of falling in the "Spring of Drowned Girl", Ranma falls in the "Spring of Drowned Amazon Princess". Basically, the pool is the place where the great Amazon princess/superhero Wonder Woman had mysteriously met her demise. The first part of the story are flashbacks that intertwine this new wrinkle (ie. becoming Wonder Woman whenever he is splashed with cold water) in the original Ranma 1/2 series (all 38 volumes).

Incidentally, the original Wonder Woman, aka: Princess Diana, co-habitats in Ranma's body. Thus, Ranma has a personal friend of sorts for him to talk to. When Ranma's curse is activated, he and Diana merge to become a slightly different person than either of them (equally both Diana and Ranma). When Ranma's curse is "de-activated", Ranma and Diana separate (and Ranma is back in full control). Diana is both big sister and friend to Ranma (something he appreciates greatly).

The Olympian gods (both good and evil) get involved, which forces the gods of Japan to get involved as well (invasion of domains). B/c the gods are involved, they use "avatars" as pawns to help or hinder Ranma. The avatars are:

For Ranma:

Artemis, goddess of the hunt-Akane
Aphrodite, goddess of love-Shampoo
Demeter, goddess of the harvest-Ukyo
Hestia, goddess of the hearth-Kasumi
Athena, goddess of wisdom-Nabiki
Hermes, the messenger god-Karumi (from "Akane and Her Sisters")

Against Ranma:

Ares, god of war-Kuno
Deimos, god of terror-Mousse
Phobos, god of fear-Ryoga
Eris, goddess of chaos-Kodachi

(Note: as more gods from the Olympian court get involved, more Eastern gods get involve as well. This will spark the creation of more avatars, who will either help or hinder Ranma. Expect the involvement of many modern-day Japan-based
characters from other anime series, such as the Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) and Belldandy and her sister (Oh, My Goddess), to be involved.

The avatars (with the exception of Nabiki) will not know that they are being influenced by the gods. As a result, their demeanor will change or be influenced slightly. They will pick up quirks/abilities that they won't notice until much later (around the time Ranma has to fight a much more powerful Kumon, Herb, and, of course, Saffron). It is during the fight with Saffron that Ranma fully realizes his destiny, which leads to the official return of Wonder Woman (costume, golden lasso and all). There is a wedding after the Saffron fight...but the one who is getting married WILL NOT BE RANMA (though I don't know who I have chosen for the honor of holy matrimony). The aftermath of the Saffron fight changes the ending of the Ranma 1/2 series slightly, and what happens to Ranma will effect everyone involved. Let me put it to you this way: there will be a birth, a sacrifice and a death (and not necessarily in that order).


Title: N/A

Ranma falls into the spring of the "Drowned Heroic Heretics". Ramza Belouve(Final Fantasy Tactics) takes his body. His battalion drowned in that pool. Ramza (after the climatic battle with Altima) finds himself in Ranma's world. He seemed to be able to learn his former allie's jobs (Temple Knight, All Swordsman etc.) and some demonic jobs as well (Arc Knight, Assasin) He has a "Alma" cursed form but it can randomly be any form of his allies. See the guardian of the Zodiac stones (Ramza) control the stones powers. He starts as a special squire and trains to be a Heavenly knight like Balbanes. See Kuno hit with Break Techniques! See Genma-Panda captured by amazons! Ramza, younger than he was in the ending to of Tactics is mature and trains Kasumi in magic. See Akane ignored by Ramza.


Subject: Ranma/Red Alert 2 Crossover

At the tender age of 14 Ranma is Grabbed by the soviet legions. Genma of course manages to escape but Ranma is subjected to a year of brainwashing and genetic enhancements. All of this being an experiment to produce a solider capable of using mind control as well as having a powerful hand to hand or weapons capability in preparation for the invasion of the USA. The results are better than they hoped for. Not only a powerful martial artist Ranma has a massive psionic potential, surpassing that of even Yuri, the Soviets top Psi solider. 

At the age of 15 Ranma is used in the invasion of New york and Chicago. He is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and civilians. But his old personality begins to reassert it self, slowly. Finally, while Tanya and
a seal team are trying to take out a Psionic beacon that he is guarding in Washington D.C., he breaks free of the Soviet's control. Horrified at what he's done he goes on a rampage ending only when The capitol is free of the Communist

From there on he assists the allies in the war effort. Saving many lives of civilians and soldiers alike. His physical prowess allows him to halt most infantry advances while his mental powers prevent the Allies soldiers from being taken over by mind control. Also due to his high survivability he becomes the first Chrono Legionnaires.

Here's where things split:

Idea #1

Ranma survives the war in one piece. Becoming a hero to millions. Although he tries to stay out of the spot light his face is everywhere. Eventually Genma finds him. Hoping to live quietly he follows his father home to Japan. There waiting for him are all the fiancée's his father arrange for him. Most are highly unwilling to go away because of the prestige marrying him would bring. Heck women in General are darn near throwing them selves at him. Which scares the Heck out of him. The only two women he's comfortable around are Tanya and Kasumi.

His mother is exceedingly proud of him but his father is angry because he no longer wishes to fight. After the war the Pig-tailed solider decided he'd seen more than enough combat for several life-times. Will he be able to stick to, that is the question.

Soun's the same. Kasumi sees the pain he's in for he still blames himself for the innocent lives he took while under mind control. Nabiki sees one heck of a lucrative opportunity but is cautious, not wishing to anger any friends he may have in high places. Akane thinks he's a glory hog and figures he's a playboy with all the girls who throw themselves at him.

Ryoga and the amazons owe Ranma there lives since he and the allies freed them from a soviet Gentech Lab. Ryoga still enjoys sparring with him which he doesn't mind and Shampoo still wishes to marry him. Cologne is taking a far more careful
route with him as she's seen him rip a tank apart with his mind.

Kuno's annoyed at all the attention this commoner is receiving when one of his noble personage and stature goes unnoticed. Kodachi is even more determined to get the noble hero.

Ukyo is mostly unchanged though a bit more forgiving initially figuring he can't be all bad.

Tanya sees him as a little brother and drops in to make sure he's okay from time to time.

Idea #2

During the last fight Ranma has a piece of shrapnel embedded in his spine. Paralyzing him from the waist down. After a 3 months in rehab he decides to visit his native land for a year before joining the officers school for the newly formed Global Defense initiative. Figuring f he can't directly fight them on the battle field, this is better than nothing.

Most of the people's reactions are similar to the above except Genma is ashamed that his son isn't a 'Whole' man while Nodaka is unsure how to feel. He's still fairly popular but he receives a fair amount of unwanted pity as well.

Tendo's reactions are unchanged except for Soun and Akane. Soun see's the future of anything goes slipping from his grasp while Akane figures he arrogance probably got him that injury.

Most of the girls feel they have a year to get him, before he's beyond there grasp forever. Tanya becomes a little over protective of her brother since he got that injury saving her. A few bullies quickly cease there activities when threatened with C-4.

Ranma is far from defenseless. He still exercises his mind and body. Plus, his exposure to Temporal energy allowed him to do the same thing as a Chrone Legionnaires with just his Ki.

From here out its up to the author where to take it. I for one would love to see what someone could do with this. Feel free to E-mail me any questions on it, or your writing on it.


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