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Divergence/Alternate Universe


Title: Leveling the Field


Immediately after the failed wedding attempt, Ukyou and Shampoo put their heads together and realize that Ranma really does have feeling for Akane, but they can't figure out why. Pooling their money, they hire Nabiki to research it and give them an answer. 

Nabiki's answer: they don't need him. Shampoo is an accomplished martial artist, beautiful, independent,
and heir to the Matriarchy of her village; Ukyou is an accomplished martial artist, cute enough to attract any guy she wants, a great cook, and a successful business woman. If Ranma didn't marry either of them, these fact would not change, they just don't need him. Akane, by contrast is only a passable fighter, can't cook to save somebody else's life, can't swim to save her own, and needs Ranma for protection. Ranma has seen Akane
being victimized ever since he's known her, so his naturally protective urges kick in and he will always go back to her because she needs him. Ukyou and Shampoo to take it on themselves to teach Akane to fight and to
cook. I'm not sure how, but they are eventually successful at it.  

With Akane's new skills and abilities comes her independance. Even she realizes she doesn't need Ranma as much anymore and starts to move on. Once Ranma realizes that Akane starts needing him less and less, who will he gravitate to?  I'm not sure. Was Nabiki's answer crafted to accomplish exactly this?


Nabiki could set herself up as appearing needy and get Ranma's attention, but Ranma veiw of Ukyou and Shampoo would really be difficult to change. The natural choice, I think, would be Kasumi, but it would take
several chapters before it ever got to that point.

David L. Battley

Temporary Title: A Imperial Horse

Type: humor?

This idea is based upon a comedy movie (forgot the name). Many fanfics point out that Nodoka is from a noble line, so lets take up a step. In this idea, Nodoka is from a family related to the Imperial family, but since she married Genma she stays out of politics and away from family (many don't like Genma). Everything in Ranma's life is the same as the anime/manga.

Everything change when occur a terrorist attack against the Imperial family, and it is a success. All know members of the family is killed. The terrorist group is very skilled, with high tech tools and backed-up by a powerful unknown force, this is the reason for his success. Since the nation needs a Emperor (even if he is only in name), the people of the court search's for any related member.

Guess who? So in this story, Ranma is the only possible candidate to be the next Emperor, why not Genma or Nodoka? Genma: his past actions (petty theft, running away from bills, breaking promises, etc) put him in a very bad position, also

you can't teach new tricks to a old horse (sorry by the pun). Nodoka: because she is married to Genma. Since Ranma still young, they think that is possible to teach him how to behave, also since he is underage he is not responsible by Genma acts.

So may situations is bound to happens, the following is only a few that I can think about so far:

- The fiancées: since Ranma needs to marry to continue the Imperial line, who of those will make the cut? Also think about their reactions, in special Nabiki and Akane.

- The rivals:

Ryoga - imagine him appearing yelling (as always), "Ranma prepare to die" and having all army, police force and
               secret service upon him.

Kuno-what will be his reaction when he discovers that he needs to bows to Ranma, or he will attack (same event
           as Ryoga).

- The terrorist group: they will try to repeat their performance, only finding that the new target is capable to
   retaliate by himself.

- Ranma: situations like need to learn to be polite, politics, etiquette and the such (you can imagine that) at same
  time fending against the terrorists, the court, and the fiancés (more appearing since they now know where he is).


Temporary title: N/A

A what if idea:

Ranma didn't get the chance to get away when he was given the kiss of death in the Amazon village, and when the fight ensued Genma flees leaving Ranma to fend for himself. Ranma's captured and will be put to death, as his final request he asks for hot water. This could go a number of ways and the possibilities are endless.


Temporary Title: One half of One

 My idea starts off when Ranma is around 6-7. Genma hasn't trained Ranma in the Neko-ken yet. One fateful day a mysterious being comes along a proposes to make Ranma a great warrior, if he help him out with freeing his world. Of course Ranma wanting to be the best, and Genma's influence, accepts. What the stranger ( a spirit or super being) is split Ranma in two. One half containing all the emotions and the other all the requirements to make the perfect war chine. Thus, one is very emotional and the other is cold (heart of ice). The stranger takes the emotionless Ranma back to his world to start training, leaving the emotional Ranma behind for Genma. A few years passed and Genma is beginning to get frustrated cause Ranma can't do any martial arts at all. Any training he tried to teach Ranma failed. Getting fed up he returns back to Japan in hoping to fulfill the engagement to the Tendo's.

* Emotional Ranma is not very good at martial arts and is easily frightened. Akane still thinks he's a pervert, plus
  she considers him a weakling. So, she's embarrassed to have him as her fiancé.

* Kasumi is the only one who treats Ranma nice. Logically he starts to have feelings for her. As for Nabiki...well,
   what can I saw Nabiki is Nabiki.

* Ryouga came for revenge but after seeing Ranma. Well, he just picks on him calling him a weakling, bullying
  him around. Same goes for Kuno. (different history together)

* Cologne and Shampoo are after Ryouga..."Ryouga so strong, make good husband."

* Ukyo at first was hostile against Ranma, but after seeing how he was treated she and him became good friends.
  She sticks up for him most of the time.

Well, when things were getting worse for Ranma. His other half is finally returning home. They will be complete again, then all those who picked on him will pay. One day while Ryouga, Kuno and Moouse are picking on him, he blurts out, "he's hear...I will be whole once again." They ignore it cause they think he finally took too many hits on the head. Ranma keeps repeating this every time they bully him. Then one day Kuno was laughing at Ranma..."If your other half is coming...well he's too late. Have at thee!!!" (redo that to Kuno talk later). A hand shots out and intercepts Kuno's bokken. Then we hear a voice..."Too late, already hear." To everyone's surprise there's another Ranma. But there's a big difference. This Ranma's face looks deadly, emotionless face....cold eyes. Of course he beats the stuffing out of Kuno, Ryouga and Moouse sending them to the hospital. They can't merge till Emotional Ranma fully heals.

Lets just say that from now on Emotionless Ranma kicks MAJOR ass! When they finally do merge, Ranma is still kind and polite. But when he gets into a fight...you better watch out. In fights he's more vicious, most of the time sending the opponent to the hospital. The only one who can make him stop is Kasumi cause he's sees her as no threat, plus her calming nature has an odd affect on him.


Title: Holding On to What You Want

Throughout the manga, and even the anime, we have all seen the various visions that Nerima Wrecking crew has envisioned for themselves. However, We have never seen what Ranma wants. We know each of the girls wants the same thing but what does Ranma want?

Peacemaker, goddess of the Tendo home, and Dutiful Daughter. All these things can be used to Describe Kasumi, but What lies beneath all of this? What does Kasumi want for the future?

I think that the answer to these two questions is very similar. In fact it could be summed up in one Phrase.....each other.

Time is running out for Ranma, and the girls are getting serious. now is his time, and he must make a choice. However, his choice will come from his heart. From the friend that he turns to for advice for dealing with the serious efforts of all the girls. Kasumi, trying to help a young man in over his head, find herself offering more than just advice, she ends up offering him her heart.


Title: N/A

There are plenty of fanfics that have Ranma as a god, or Ranma as a very powerful being by some wish or another. This time it wouldn't hurt to see Ranma have psychic powers. Trained or untrained, whichever is your decision. Perhaps he was trained to a degree and Genma took him away from home to teach him martial arts. Perhaps the Tendo girls have some form of psychic ability from their mother and they're untrained. Nodoka comes by, fully knowing about the curse, and finds out their untrained minds. She decides to train them so they don't hurt someone, and perhaps train Ranma to be stronger in mind as well as
body. Some manners wouldn't hurt either. LOL.



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