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Welcome to Neon Genesis Evangelion page

Welcome to the NGE page
Neon Genesis: Evangelion is set in the year 2015, and over half of the Earth's population is dead, victims of the first attack by a mysterious race of beings known as the Angels. To save what remains of Mankind, the human race must now place its trust in the mysterious NERV agency and its awesome avatars, the giant bio-mechanical Evangelions. Humanoid in form, these monstrous creations are the only force on Earth that can break through the Angels' Absolute Terror Fields long enough to literally tackle the massive invaders in bloody hand to hand combat! However, even with these technological miracles, the odds are still stacked against humanity, for only a handful of teenagers are capable of piloting an Evangelion... each of whom was born exactly nine months after the Angels' first attack! Was accelerated evolution responsible for the providential birth of these unexpected saviours... or are there much darker forces at work in the depths of NERV?