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ADAM Possibly the First Angel, Adam was the cause of the distrastrous Second Impact when humans shrank him into an embryo form. The Evangelion was created from Adam's DNA and original form as a "giant of light."

LILLITH Lillith was believed to be Adam, but was actually the being with the power to instigate the Third Impact. Lillith is the source of life, the mother of nature, and the origin of humanity. Lillith was hidden in the depths of the Geo-Front, nailed to a cross and surrounding by LCL fluid.

SACHIEL - THE THIRD ANGEL The first Angel EVA Unit-01 fights, Sachiel plowed its way through Tokyo 3 with its powerful punching arms and energy beam. It was defeated easily by the berserking Unit-01, but self-destructed in an attempt to destroy Tokyo 3 and the EVA.

SHAMSEL - THE FOURTH ANGEL The second Angel to appear in the series, Shamshel had long energy whips protruding from its stem-like body. Its weak spot was its large red eye. It was able to cut Unit-01 from its power supply, forcing Shinji to act quickly.

RAMIEL - THE FIFTH ANGEL Virtually impregnable, Ramiel looked like a huge floating diamond. It hovered above the Geofront and began drilling its way into NERV headquarters. Only a joint effort between EVAs and the military, using a powerful energy cannon, could defeat the Angel.

GAGHIEL - THE SIXTH ANGEL The only aquatic Angel, Gaghiel emerged when Unit-02 was being shipped to NERV headquarters, sensing Adam's embryo. It managed to destroy a majority of the protective fleet before the combined efforts of Shinji and Asuka, as well as some ammo-laden battleships, destroyed it.

ISRAFEL - THE SEVENTH ANGEL Israfel had the ability to separate when attacked and easily defeated Shinji and Asuka in their first battle. After intensive training to reach perfect synchronicity, the two were ready to battle it again and win.

SANDALPHON - THE EIGHTH ANGEL Found still in its incubated stage in the center of a molten volcano, Sandalphon awoke as NERV attempted to transport it back to their lab to study it. Once hatched, the Angel grew to adult size and almost destroyed Unit-02 before Unit-01 came to the rescue and destroyed the Angel.

MATARAEL - THE NINTH ANGEL A spider-like Angel, Matarael appeared during a NERV power outage. It positioned itself directly over the Geofront and proceeded to drip an acid hole through the surface. The three EVAs were able to attack the Angel from below, gunning into its vulnerable underside.

SAHAQUIEL - THE TENTH ANGEL Unlike the other Angels, Sahaquiel attacked from high above, dropping explosive pieces of itself onto the Earth. Once it perfected its aim, it attempted to drop completely onto Tokyo 3, but was prevented by the combined AT fields of all three EVAs.

IREUL - THE ELEVENTH ANGEL Another unconventional Angel, Ireul attacked NERV's supercomputer, the Magi, as a deadly virus. Its plan was to override the systems and program them itself to self-destruct. It was up to Ritsuko to kill the Angel, and through her understanding of her mother, creator of the Magi, she succeeded.

LELIEL - THE TWELFTH ANGEL A gigantic, silent floating ball, Leliel's actual body was its shadow, and was able to capture a careless Shinji. Unsure of its weakness, NERV readied itself to bomb the Angel to death, but Unit-01 went berserk again and destroyed the Angel from the inside.

BARDIEL - THE THIRTEENTH ANGEL Actually a virus, this Angel infected Unit-03 as it was being transported to its test site. It took on all the powers and capabilities of the dangerous Unit-03, with long crushing arms and the pilot as hostage. Its fate at the hands of a mindless Unit-01 was rather gruesome.

ZERUEL - THE FOURTEENTH ANGEL Zeruel was a juggernaut, stomping through EVAs 00 and 02 before being stopped by Unit-01 at the gate to Terminal Dogma, where Lillith was kept. Its arms consisted of sharp, whip-like blades, and it possessed a very strong AT field. However, Unit-01 reached its full power and went berserk again, literally eating the Angel alive and devouring the S-2 engine for its own.

ARAEL - THE FIFTEENTH ANGEL Arael had the form of pure light and hovered high above Earth, attacking only when provoked by Asuka. Its attack however, was through the mind, and Asuka was badly hurt mentally. It was destroyed only when pierced by the Lance of Longinus, which had been embedded in Lillith up until then.

ARMISAEL - THE SIXTEENTH ANGEL Armisael was another Angel that attacked through the mind - this time Rei was caught in an overpowering torrent of memories and emotions. When Shinji tried to help, Rei self-destructed, killing the Angel and destroying Tokyo 3 in the process.

TABRIS - THE SEVENTEENTH ANGEL The last and most surprising Angel, Tabris looked like a regular schoolboy and was known as Kaoru Nagisa. He became Shinji's friend and an EVA pilot. He had such a high synch rate that he was able to control the EVA without being in it. Tabris was the guardian angel of free will, and decided to let humans choose their own fate, relinquishing his own in the process.