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~The Children~

SHINJI IKARI - THE THIRD CHILD The neglected son of Gendo Ikari, Shinji is emotionally frail and very introverted, although he slowly opens up to Misato. In confrontations, he chooses to run away, even though he despises himself for doing so. In cases of extreme trauma, Shinji sometimes loses all control over himself and can go on berserk rampages in his EVA. Pilots EVA Unit-01.
REI AYANAMI - THE FIRST CHILD Like a doll in manner and appearance, Rei is extremely quiet and calm - even in moments of extreme danger or stress. She has a mysterious connection to Shinji, his father, and the secrets of NERV. She lives alone and always isolates herself, although she acts normally around Gendo. Pilots EVA Unit-00.
ASUKA LANGLEY SORYUU - THE SECOND CHILD Lively and very confident of herself, Asuka is as loud and outgoing as the other two pilots are quiet. She was specially trained as an EVA pilot since she was small and is sure of her abilities, but when they fail her, she is at a complete loss. Also, she hides a past that is very difficult for her to confront. Pilots EVA Unit-02.
TOUJI SUZUHARA - THE FOURTH CHILD Shinji's classmate, he initally disliked the other boy because his sister was hurt during Shinji's first battle. However, he grows to understand Shinji and later becomes his friend. Quick-tempered and straight-forward, Touji later becomes an EVA pilot. Pilots EVA Unit-03.
KENSUKE AIDA Another one of Shinji's classmates, Kensuke is Touji's best friend and sidekick. He is obsessed with the military and longs to be an EVA pilot. He always totes his video camera wherever he goes.

HIKARI HORAKI The class representative, Hikari is a little bossy but means well. She and Asuka become good friends and later supports her through some hard times. Hikari also has a crush on Touji, although her attitude towards him suggests the complete opposite.