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This Site's Power Level Is and was Born on 2/7/00! It was last updated on 5/15/00.

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Radditz - 6/10/00 @ 4:45 - Phew! Well, my ADSL went down and my computer royally shit itself. Part of ssj4gogeta's responsibilities are to maintain the site when I am away, and I see that he hasn't. I will count this news period as one month because you went for almos a month with no update. Well, the Burger King promotion is out. Very cool toys, all I lack is Gohan. They come with a card from the official CCG (I bought a starter pack and am wondering where to play...) and a stand for the figures. There are seven in all, they include Gohan, 'Krillin', 'Frieza' Goku, S.S. Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta

.ssj4gogeta ~ 5/17/00 @ 16:00 ~Whatup all?I'm here to tell you we are gonna go through big changes such as:

*new name
*cool layout
e-mail me to give suggestions.
Radditz - 5/15/00 @ 19:48 - Grr! Toonami started DBZ over. I sincerely hope that after this time around, they will actually put their new episodes on the air.

SSJ4Gogeta ~ 5/13/00 @ 20:10 ~ *well whatever...* ~ I really don't think he needs to let a bunch of people that he doesn't know rate or judge me,if you wann send what you think of me please do me a favor and send it to me,or at least copy it to me.all I've tried to do is help and he's talking about how quickly I move,well don't you all wanna site that when you come back to it it's diffrent or do you want the same old thing time and again,a few things he said were good ideas but he deleted them anyway and it makes me mad,he should at least have the courtesy to confront me before deleting things I put time and effort into,i don't delete any of his work,and I lost a good friend defending this site maybe even two,so he shouldn't be mean to me when i went through alot even before I was on staff to defend this site,I want to here what yall think of me too,and if you all got to know me,I bet you would have a nice answer.Thank you for fixing the link to the site of the month,but I really think people can figure out what sotm means but thanks anyway,I thought you would delete,oh and just tell me,I can proofread my own articals,oh and i e-mailed funimation i'm gonna ask them some questions,i should recieve answers about the burger king promo,tapes,ect.

Radditz - 5/13/00 @ 14:14 - I got ADSL! Everyone, please send me your opinions on SSJ4Gogeta. I need to know what everyone thinks of the new staff member.

ssj4gogeta ~ 5/13/00 @ 12:54 ~*site of the month!* I'm adding site of the month, I really kinda feel sorry for this guy,the rpg is relly good but not enough advertising or hits so that's why i'm doing this check the bottomfor the site of the month.

ssj4gogeta ~ 5/13/00 @ 10:10 ~*chatroom!!*i'm thinking about a chatroom, maybe two, one on the frontpage, so we know how many visitors are on the site and one that's a total page chatroom(real one)i'm also thinking about redirection and offers the chatroom so it's a pretty good deal.e-mail me or radditz

ssj4gogeta~ 5/11/00 @ 20:12 subject:*new sections,and goodbye heero until we meet again* ~that's right here comes an update,i'm creating two new sections,and for you begginers on dragonball,a dragonball/z/gt dictionary!!!i also had that wacked faq page called setting it straight,remember?Look down at my other updates you'll find what i wrote on it,well someone deleted it,it was setstrait,oh well it wasn't .html and wouldn't show up on most browsers anyway,well...onto heero,yes that's right,goodbye gundam,i's a mini series thing,only 48 eps,but if we find them we'll put them up,and well reruns forever hahaha.(oh and the dictionary will be out ina week or so e-mail me

peace out!\/!

ssj4gogeta ~5/12/00 @ 15:02 ~affiliates?~I'm thinking about putting a link to the affiliates section if these hits don't bosste in 2 weeks i'm putting it up there are four spots open,nothing required except link exchange if you don't put our link up withing a week,we'll take yours down!But,we also have to make a button,i'm working on it though so be patient!! okay? but reallly i'd write more but i don't wanna take up disk space and make the front page crowded.oh yeah if ya wann be an affiliate e-mail me

Radditz - 5/12/00 @ 9:08 - I'm thinking about a name change for the site. Since I hired Gogeta I'm getting a bit guilty about hogging the title. Send in your suggestions to me or Gogeta. Thanks!

SSJ4Gogeta - 5/11/00 @ 11:31- To be or not to be? -Ok that's my subject, in this update I'm gonna create a page, called, "setting it straight". Basically it's going to be a goof off page where we can tell the facts, some of you might be confused about a few things but that's what it's going to be here for we also are playing around with the title a bit, it still will be "Radditz's Anime Site" though. Well I hope yall enjoy!!

SSJ4Gogeta - 5/11/00 @ 17:13 - Hi there, I'm SSJ4Gogeta, I was just hired but as you see he already wrote that, straight to the point, if all you Gundam fanatics didn't see today's episode,well you missed a doosey! Not only will there be no more new episodes,maybe it's just no more this season or none at all. On a minor note for all that love Toonami, "Thunder Cats" has been given da boot!(oh the humanity!!)It's no longer on Toonami on weekdays. It will be on "Rising Sun" for an hour, I'll list the time slots below, if there not perfect too bad, I've yet to watch all of Rising Sun since most of it are reruns, actully all of it are reruns, toonami is made of reruns :).(note these are central time where i liveif you live in california or close to cali add up a number hehe)
*8:00 -Thundercats 9:00 pacific
*8:30 -Thundercats 9:30 pacific
*9:00 -DBZ garlic junior saga!! 10:00 pacific
*9:30 -Gundam W (rerun) you get the point right?
*10:00 -Gundam W (^^^^^) really do i have to?
*10:30 -Ronin Warriors mmmk whatever!!!

Radditz - 5/11/00 @ 13:42 - The Toonami schedule has been changed once more. Thundercats has been given the 3:30 time slot, while Reboot has been put back in it's original place. Sailor Moon is back on at 4:00.

Radditz - 5/7/00 @ 14:53 - Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Please extend a warm welcome to our newest staff member, SSJ4Gogeta! Gogeta will be in charge of finding some news occasionally, writing at least 1 new page, and advertising! The starting part of the news now includes the alias of the poster. I would like to remind everyone that the information on the 'How to be a DBZ Fighter' page is 100% true. I have gotten a lot of e-mail recently about this page.

Radditz - 5/1/00 @ 17:47 - I have rotated the news. The submissions for staff are still open and will be until midnight PST on Saturday.


Site Of The Month ~This site has a good pic of trunks for the background,a good rpg overall,needs more members,i'm gonna be one for sure and i hope radditz will!click on sotm to go there!it's called "Future Trunk's DBZ RPG"

If you have anything to donate to the site, be it a page, idea, or critique, send it to me at Thanks again! Or mail Gogeta, he'll respond within a few hours or at most a day! Just click the link right
or maybe here?


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