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Movie Releases


Expected Release Date

Movie #4 "Lord Slug"


Movie #5

October 2001

Movie #6

Sometime after Movie #5 is released

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FUNimation Episode Releases
Title Release Date DBZ DB DVD VHS
Perfect Cell:  Unstoppable 6.19.2001 x     x
Cell Games:  Ultimatum 6.19.2001 x     x
Great Saiya Man:  Crash Course 5.15.2001 x     x
World Tournament:  Junior Division 5.15.2001 x     x
World Tournament:  Junior Division 6.?.2001 x   x  
World Tournament:  The Draw 7.17.2001 x     x
World Tournament:  Black Out 7.17.2001 x   x  
World Tournament:  Black Out 7.17.2001 x     x
Frieza:  Transformation 6.26.2001 x   x  
Frieza:  Revealed 7.10.2001 x   x  
Garlic Jr.:  Black Water Mist 6.?.2001 x   x  
Garlic Jr.:  Sacred Water 7.?.2001 x   x  
Z Warriors Prepare 7.?.2001 x   x  
Tournament - Roshi's Request 6.5.2001   x   x
Tournament - Turtle Hermit 6.19.2001   x   x

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Viz Mange Releases
Manga Release Date
Dragon Ball Z Part 4:  #7 6.15.2001
Dragon Ball Z Part 4:  #8 7.13.2001
Dragon Ball Z Graphic Novel:  Volume 5  7.?.2001
Dragon Ball Graphic Novel:  Volume 6 9.?.2001
Dragon Ball Part 3:  #14 7.6.2001

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Episode News
There is an official site for Dragon Ball now thats looks mysteriously like but oh well.   x
Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z is currently in production.  Air date set for September 3 2001!! x  
Original Dragon Ball is set to air on Cartoon Network on July 23 of 2001 at 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time.  Some of the voices will be chosen by fans via a poll on the official site.   x
Rock Bugg in Dallas that FUNimation has currently halted production of Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Blue Gender so they can focus SOLELY on the original Dragon Ball.   x
Since production of Dragon Ball Z has been stopped I am not sure if that means that season 5 will be later or if it done and will be ready for a Summer/Fall 2001 release. x  
Sonny Strait the current voice actor of Krillin may be moving on to pursue other projects.  Which isn't that big a deal since the voice actors in Dragon Ball Z have changed so much already but, what is is that there's a good chance Josh Martin would replace him.  You may not know who he is by name but he is the voice of Barney!  This means that in the Buu Saga we may have to listen to Barney's voice whenever Krillin talks! x  
The results of the first ever voice poll for Dragon Ball are. . . Stephanie Nadolny, voice #1, will be the voice of Goku in Dragon Ball.  If you would like to vote just go to the official site ate and you could choose the voice of your favorite Dragon Ball character.   x
There's a rumor that the original music may be used in Dragon Ball for the American dub.   x

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Other News
Topic News
DBZ Video Games Infogames will be the publisher of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z games.  They are currently in the planning phase of development for multiple game systems.
DBZ Card Game Score has started reprinting Dragon Ball Z cards from the Trunks Saga set.  The latest Dragon Ball Z collectible card game release, The Trunks Saga, has sold out the first print run, and with demand still strong, Score is going back to press.  The quick sellout of The Trunks Saga, which is the most popular Dragon Ball Z release ever, indicates that the Dragon Ball Z game is still picking up steam.
Dragon Ball GT According to the official site they get a lot of questions about when Dragon Ball GT videos be available and here is their answer "We plan to move forward with GT as soon as we are finished with DBZ. Therefore, the earliest videos would be available is 2003."

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