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Cast List/Name Changes | Episode Conversion

The Saiya-jin Saga
Japanese English
1 "Little Goku is Mr. Charming! I am Gohan"
2 "History's Strongest Warrior is Goku's Brother!"
1 "The Arrival of Raditz"
3 "Let's do it! This is the Strongest Team on Earth!" 2 "The World's Strongest Team"
4 "Piccolo's Trump Card! Gohan is a Crybaby" 3 "Gohan's Hidden Powers"
5 "Goku Dies! There's Only One Last Chance!"
6 "Enma-sama is Also Surprised -- The Fight Continues in the Next World"
4 "Goku's Unusual Journey"
7 "Dinosaur Survival! Gohan's Difficult Training"
8 "Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan's Power"
5 "Gohan's Metamorphosis"
9 "Sorry, Mr. Robot -- The Desert of Vanishing Tears"
10 "Don't Cry Gohan! His First Fight"
6 "Gohan Makes a Friend"
11 "The Saiya-jin, Strongest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken" 7 "Trouble on Arlia"
12 "Nodding off on Snake Way -- Goku Takes a Dive"
13 "Hands Off! Enma-sama's Secret Fruit"
8 "Home For Infinite Losers"
14 "Such Sweet Temptation! Princess Snake's Hospitality" 9 "Princess Snake's Hospitality"
15 "Escape From Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm"
16 "Run Gohan! Nostalgia For Mt. Paozu, Where Chichi is Waiting"
10 "Escape From Piccolo"
17 "City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory" 11 "Showdown in the Past"
18 "Last Stop on Snake Way! Are you Kaiou-sama?" 12 "The End of Snake Way"
19 "A Fight Against Gravity! Catch Bubbles" 13 "A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!"
20 "The Return of the Saiya-jin Legend! Goku's Roots" 14 "The Legend of the Saiyans"
21 "Come Forth Sheng Long! The Saiya-jin Finally Arrive on Earth" 15 "A Black Day For Planet Earth"
22 "Im...Impossible! The Saibaimen, Born From the Earth" 16 "The Battle Begins... Where Are You Goku?"
23 "Yamucha Dies! The Horror of the Saibaimen" 17 "The Saibamen Strike"
24 "Goodbye, Ten-san! Chaozu's Life-Risking Defense!" 18 "Nappa...The Invincible?"
25 "Tenshinhan Screams!! This Is My Last Kikoho!" 19 "Tien Goes All Out!"
26 "Waiting in Earnest for Three Hours! The Kintoun Bullet Train"
27 "Leave it to Me! Gohan's Great Explosion of Anger"
20 "Time's Up!"
28 "Ferocity of the Saiya-jin! Kami-sama and Piccolo Both Die!" 21 "The Return of Goku"
29 "Father is Amazing! Kaiouken, the Deadly Finishing Technique" 22 "Goku Strikes Back"
30 "A Hot, Unbordered Duel! Goku vs. Vegeta"
31 "Now, Goku! Everything is Riding On This Final Technique"
23 "Goku vs. Vegeta: A Saiyan Duel!"
32 "Battle Power Times Ten! Vegeta's Great Transformation" 24 "Vegeta: Saiyan Style!"
33 "Don't Die, Father! This is the Depth of Gohan's Power"
34 "Shoot, Kuririn! The Hopeful Genkidama"
25 "Stop Vegeta Now!"
35 "A Miracle Has Happened! Son Gohan, the Super Saiya-jin" 26 "The Battle Ends"
The Freeza Saga
36 "We're Off Into Space! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo's Home"
37 "Mysterious Yunzabit! The Search for Kami-sama's Spaceship"
27 "A New Goal... Namek!"
38 "Blast off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan and the Others"
39 "Friends or Foes? Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship"
28 "Journey to Namek"
40 "Can it Really be True? There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope"
41 "Kind-hearted Aliens -- There's the 5-Star Ball Already"
29 "Friends or Foes?"
42 "Planet Freeza No. 79 -- Vegeta's Recovery!!" 30 "Hunt for a Dragon Ball"
43 "The Dragon Balls are All Here! And Piccolo-san Will Come Back to Life" 31 "Who's Who?"
44 "A Tough New Enemy! Freeza, Emperor of the Universe" 32 "Touchdown on Namek"
45 "Vegeta's Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!" 33 "Face-off on Namek"
46 "Goku's Power Full Throttle!! Six Days to the Ends of the Galaxy" 34 "The Ruthless Frieza"
47 "Surprise Attack!! The Elder's Target was the Scouter!" 35 "The Nameks Versus Frieza"
48 "Gohan in Danger! A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death" 36 "Escape From Dodoria"
49 "Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave" 37 "Secrets Revealed"
50 "Escape From a Burning Planet!! A Desperate Kamehameha" 38 "A Collision Course"
51 "Courage Times One Hundred! The Warriors Gathered Under Kaiou"
52 "Listen To Me Goku! Hands Off Freeza"
39 "Stay Away From Frieza"
53 "Goosebumps Indeed! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Demonic Transformation" 40 "Zarbon Transformed"
54 "Defend the Planet of Hope! Kuririn's Miraculous Power-Up" 41 "The Eldest Namek"
55 "Ressurected From Death's Abyss - The Miracle Man Vegeta" 42 "Get Vegeta!"
56 "An Enormous Battle Power!! Freeza's Plan is Smashed" 43 "Vegeta Revived"
57 "Feeling Good Again!! Goku Under a Great 100G Force" 44 "A Heavy Burden"
58 "Freeza's Secret Weapon! The Demonic Ginyu Squadron" 45 "Immortality Denied"
59 "Look Out, Buruma! The Four-Star-Ball in Freeza's Hands" 46 "Big Trouble For Bulma"
60 "Clash!! The Kaioken and Kamehameha of Persevering Spirit" 47 "Scramble For the Dragon Balls"
61 "The Great Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Squadron Comes Calling" 48 "Arrival of the Ginyu Force"
62 "Goku on Final Approach! Break Through Freeza's Net" 49 "Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force"
63 "Is This Great Sorcery or Just a Trick!? Mr. Gurudo is Angry!" 50 "Time Tricks and Body Binds"
64 "The Menacing Rikuum!! He's Bad, He's Mighty, He's An Offensive Brute" 51 "No Refuge From Recoome"
65 "Don't Die, Gohan! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battlefield" 52 "Enter Goku"
66 "An Uncommon Power!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiya-jin" 53 "Goku... Super Saiyan?"
67 "Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! Jees and Bahta Attack Goku" 54 "Ginyu Assault"
68 "Finally, a Straightforward Confrontation! Captain Ginyu's Appearance"
69 "Incredible Force!! Goku's Full Power, Did You See It?"
55 "Incredible Force"
70 "Where is the Battle Happening!? Freeza's Demonic Hand Approaches the Great Elder" 56 "Frieza Approaches"
71 "Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku" 57 "Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku"
72 "Come Forth Super Sheng Long!! Grant My Wish" 58 "Calling the Eternal Dragon"
73 "He Isn't Me! Gohan, Fight Your Father!!" 59 "Gohan Defeat Your Dad!!"
74 "Oops!! Ginyu Has Become a Frog" 60 "Captain Ginyu... The Frog"
75 "The One Who Has Gathered the Seven Balls... Come Forth and Say the Password!" 61 "Password is Porunga"
76 "Kami-sama Also Lives Again! Piccolo is Restored by Super Sheng Long" 62 "Piccolo's Return"
77 "The Birth of the Strongest Warrior!? Nail and Piccolo Unite" 63 "The Fusion"