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Here are all the really cool Gundam Wing Sites we could find. Some of them are non-yaoi, some aren't, some are pro HxR, some aren't. They will all (eventually) be marked accordingly. Until then, here they are:

If you want to link to me, then, here. Take this banner. I insist!

NEW!!!!!!! This is a new thing I'm starting, called "Site of the Month! *trumpets sound in background* This month's site is own by Lars the Goddess...its called...."The Realm of Lars the Goddess" *trumpets sound in the background* She did hers on FrontPage, so it looks a lot better than mine...*mumbles @*!&$^cheater@!(&^&* No, but seriously, go see it. Its awesome, and her Gundam fic is hysterical! *trumpets sound in the background* Now, I'm off to find those frikking trupeters....stoopid trumpets....

Fanfiction.netThe biggest archieve on fanfiction on the net to date. I highly recomend it.

Aishiteru This is the largest archieve of non-yaoi Gundam Wing fanfiction available. A must read!

Temple O' Trunks A Fangirl of the purple haired wonder? I know I am...This place is choc full of fanfic, multimedia (Her music videos are AMAZING!!!) and humer. This was the first site to have the Original "Things People in DBZ would never say." This is the place for all things Trunks!

So, do you have a web page you would like linked? PLease, send me your URL or banner, and I will put you up!